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Life is not perfect but your hair can be – Morayo



A woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality. It’s
an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for her entire look. In this interview,
Our Correspondent Joy Imisi spoke with renowned hair stylist, Morayo who stated that a bad
hairdo can translate to a bad day.
Introduction: My brand name is t~RayLynes hair beauty, located in Lagos state. My name is
Morayo Ogunkoya, a graduate of Linguistics and communication from the University of Port

My passion for hair styling started at a young age due to the hurt I was exposed to while getting
my hair plaited by older women, who will virtually almost pull out my hair from its scalp. I
vowed I will make hair and it won't hurt my clients because I will be gentle and tender.
But, over time I realized that when a man looks at a lady the first thing that comes to his
attention is your hair, so it became clear to me that a bad hair do can translate to a bad day.
Your hair complements your looks; it speaks volumes and provides an overall interpretation of
your personality.
My brand t~RayLynes officially kicked off in the Sept, 2016 with a bridal hair and we have styled
well over 100 brides making them breath taking beautiful. Like I said earlier, we are located in
Lagos but distance is not a barrier when it comes to brides, we travel far and wide.
Ladies on low cut: A lot of ladies are of the opinion that short hair or low cut are the cheapest
to maintain, that is so wrong because I can authoritatively tell you that the short hair cost more
except it's a guy kind of hand cut, that is skin cut. We encourage our clients to have very
comfortable hairdos so that you do not have problems sleeping at night, but I must add that the
beauty of a woman lies in her hair. I think our ladies should leave the low cut for the men while
we slay with our hair.
What I am saying is your hair style makes you beautiful and it definitely adds to your natural
beauty, even the bible says if a woman has a long hair; it is a glory to her for her hair is given
her for a covering. That is way we say that life is not perfect but with the right hair stylist your
hair can be perfect.
How frequent should a woman visit the salon:A visit to the salon should be done at least every
two weeks; you have to wash your hair, to keep it neat and healthy. Most women do not do
visit the salon regularly, I think if you were to take an average you'd find that a woman may find
herself in a salon once every other month. It is unfair for a lady to keep her hair unattended to,
some ladies have scared away would be spouse because of the smell from their hair; the
weather is very hot so a little sweat can make your hair smell.
However, If your stylist is doing a good job, there should be no need to see them frequently. It
should be more or less for maintenance and freshening up to keep the dandruffs and smells
African Hair: I have not touched the head of any white person. But to be candid when it comes
to hair I don't attribute superiority to any. Every human hair has its own uniqueness. All hair
texture has its own care which can be demanding expensive for those who love to care. But for
some it's just a wash and go thing and they are good to go. Nigerian women are encouraged to
embrace their natural hairs because some relaxers are harmful to the hair and can even lead to
deadly diseases. We advice our clients to look for the best hair products, that works for them
and stick with it because human hair varies, it might work for your mother but it might be
harmful to you.
How long does it take to make a bridal hair: The wedding day of every woman is her happiest
day and we are always proud to be a part of such a historical event.
Most brides prefer to make their hair a day to the wedding but we advice them against such
because the hair might leave some strains on your face, so what we do is make the hair two

days to the wedding and we can do the wrapping on the wedding day. The wrapping is usually
very short and can be done within one hour if she seats still, while the making of the hair which
is fixing of the weavon can be done within two hours.
So hair styling is a business you can do with a short period, speed will eventually come in as an
added advantage because when you are fast you will finish within a short period, which will
give you an avenue to make a lot of hair within a day.
At t~RayLynes, we are into Bridal hair, wigs making both braided wigs and weave kind of wigs.
Treat old weaves. Fix hair, Ghana weaving, Tread wool, children hair etc anything and
everything that has to do with hair.
Wigs or Weavon: The hair industry is growing with the new fashion age, so a lot of ladies prefer
the wigs because it gives you the liberty to take off and put back when you retire home from
work. Also you have the opportunity to change your wigs every week giving you a variety of
looks. Like I always say, whatever works for you, which you are comfortable in and look classy
at the same time.
Challenges: Most brides are usually hyper active and jumpy when the wedding day is close, so
the major challenge is getting them to sit still so we can get the hair done within a very short
period, because of this we end up spending longer period than anticipated.
Also electricity is another challenge, when I have a lot of orders which will warrant that I work
late into the night without power it becomes a mission impossible, when you cannot deliver
you appear unreliable and this can discourage your clients from patronising you.
In all it has been an amazing journey we provide home services which bring us closer to our
A word to ladies: Let me conclude by saying that we encourage our clients to give us a feedback
on the services rendered, when your stylist has done a good job feel free to tell and otherwise
because this will help us to learn and improve so as to serve you better.

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