A lion killed an American woman at a private park in Johannesburg on Monday, the park said.

The lion attacked the woman who was sitting on the passenger side of a vehicle with the window down in violation of park regulations, said Scott Simpson, assistant operations manager at the Lion Park.

“We can confirm she was American and the consulate has been informed,” Simpson said.

EWN, a South African news outlet, reported that the driver of the vehicle was injured while attempting to help the woman.

Earlier, the U.S. Embassy said it had received reports of an “incident involving a U.S. citizen” at the Lion Park and was ready to offer “any assistance possible.”

The Lion Park is a popular destination for tourists who can drive in their own vehicles through large enclosures where lions roam freely. Visitors can also pet lion cubs in smaller pens.
CBS News

The park was featured in a November “60 Minutes” story about cub petting and the canned hunting industry – where people can pay to go into an enclosure and shoot a lion.

As correspondent Clarissa Ward reported, The Lion Park is one of dozens of places in South Africa where tourists, many of them Americans, pay top dollar for the privilege of petting lion cubs. The parks breed their lions constantly to ensure a supply of cubs year round, but once the lions reach maturity, they are too dangerous to be near tourists.

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