President, Coal City Literary Forum, Enugu, Mrs Adaobi Nwoye, has decried the proliferation of sub-standard books in public schools.
Nwoye told the News Agency of Nigeria in Enugu that the development had negative influence on students.
She said the market was replete with sub-standard and ill-conceived literary works, adding that such materials mostly found their way to public schools in the state.
According to her, it has become imperative to raise the concern following the negative impact of such books on the users.
Nwoye, who is also an author, said what young children need are academic materials that would task their intellect and develop sound moral values in them.
“Government should pay attention to members of staff they delegate to review books in public schools because most of this garbage go into public schools. Most of these books have no moral, social and educational values and people do not really pay attention to the quality because of corruption.”
She appealed to administrators of private schools to also be vigilant in the type of materials they approve for their school children.
The president said the forum comprise of a group of writers who had volunteered to curb the menace by venturing into the production of children’s books to correct some of the imbalances.
Nwoye also noted that the wrong use of the social media had wreaked the greatest havoc on the psyche and development of most students.
“The reading and writing culture among students have become worse due to wrong use of social media. Many students in tertiary institutions no longer write correct sentences, while their vocabulary is abysmal,” she said.
She noted that the situation does not portend well for the development of the sector and the economy. “Instead of reading from textbooks, students, out of wrong attitude, now have access to dangerous sites on the net.’’
Nwoye called for the development of resource base materials by improving the quality of books in order to get students back to reading.
“We need materials that target the needs of our time and embedded with important moral lessons.”
Nwoye said it was the aim of the forum to raise the consciousness of young people, but expressed regret that government had not been supportive of their activities.

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