Detained leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, NnamdiKanu has said that he will destroy Nigeria completely, but not with a bomb, with the truth.

A statement from Comrade Emma Powerful, IPOB spokesman, showed that NnamdiKanu has decided to bomb Nigeria out of existence with stark truths about Nigeria to the whole world.

The statement shows that Nigeria is a contraption done by the British which is no longer working, hence the quest of the Biafrans to opt out of the incompatible marriage- the 1914 Amalgamation.

The statement reads thus: “The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) prophet Kanu did not say he will bomb Nigeria but to destroy the existence of Nigeria with the truth before the eyes of everybody.

“Shout it from the roof top, let the birds of heaven sing it, send out Biafran town-criers with horn speakers and please inform it to Nigerians, that Biafrans must go for good as the one set to cremate Nigeria has finally come to be a reality.

“The Director of Radio Biafra and the humble servant of the blessed people of Biafra, Mr. Kanu has released a word that is sending shivers down the spines of the Nigerian Lords.

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“The British trained revolutionary and political scientist of international repute recently said that his hatred for Nigeria can only be described as pathological; born out of the cruelty mankind has inflicted on his people through the contraption called Nigeria.

“Prophet Kanu, who was born in the thick of the genocidal war waged against his Biafran people, affirmed that the contraption referred to as Nigeria only exists today because the white Europeans said so, insisting that it was not created by God the natural way all nations on earth came into existence.

“But rather was conceived in the heart of man to serve a purpose for which nation states were not and could not be designed for. Nigeria is responsible for the untimely death of over 3.5 million people murdered between 1966-70 in the name of preserving the territorial integrity which is in effect a fraud,” the statement quoted Kanu.

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According to the statement, IPOB leader maziKanu insists that Nigeria has continued the killing of Biafrans and that this has altogether emboldened Yorubas to brazenly commence the forced deportation of Igbo Biafrans in their midst and the hausafulani terrorist group called the Boko haram are still killing Biafra citizens in their midst. A position no civilised society could possibly countenance.

The statement pointed out that there is a catalogue of other injustices that prompted MaziKanu into concluding that Nigeria was created by evil men for the sole purpose of killing as many children of ChukwuOkikieAbiama (God Almighty) the light of black race.
The devil incarnate as human beings are aware that Biafrans are God’s own children and set about the destruction of the children of God through Nigeria. The same thing that happened to Jews in Nazi Europe is today happening to Biafrans and it is not a position millions of Biafrans in the diaspora are willing to tolerate any longer.

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“We are actually aware that some pro Biafra movement have been compromised and are firmly working for the Hausa/Fulani interest as evidenced by their support for the Islamist APC in the just concluded Anambra State governorship elections.

“It has therefore become very obvious that Nigeria as the demonic power that corrupts everything it comes into contact with, almost every home based Biafran group has been contaminated by the avaricious criminality called Nigeria, that is why those Biafrans in the diaspora have vowed to remove the one source of our problem which is the entity created by evil men from Britain and that entity isNigeria.

“The complete destruction of the contraption called Nigeria will not only serve to fulfill all righteousness but will send an unequivocal message to the forces of darkness that man does not create a nation only God does, it will also ensure that Biafra will be born into the family of nations without the ravenous monster to devour her aspirations,” the statement declares.