SEVERAL communities in Kogi State, including the capital city, Lokoja have cried out to the federal government over hardships associated with the continuous non electricity supply by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, DISCO. A survey across the state shows that the situation have caused total hardships on the well-being of people in the state for almost a week now. Many residents in the capital city described the situation as a deliberate wickedness on the part of the power company. A resident of Lokoja, Mallam Musa Danladi suggested that government should not have sold the power sector to politicians, as they always think about themselves, not the people. “Even if government have to sell the power sector, people with technical know how on power should have been the buyers, not some individual who lack atom of sympathy for the people. The situation has never been this bad since government dashed out the power sector,” he said. It was gathered that many businesses are already in comatose due to lack of electricity supply to pilot their businesses. According to a resident in Koton Karfe, Alhaji Ohinoyi Haruna, the AEDC has to improve their services so as not to create impression that it is out to exploits Nigerians. He said there have not been any significant supplies of eletricity in many areas in the state, yet electricity bill distribution to houses remains constant. “It is agonising that we are always subjected to pay for what we never enjoyed and when you protest, be rest assured that the lifeless wire that connect your house to the electric pole is disconnected and your wire carted away by the AEDC officials. Even when you go for reconnection, you are always asked to pay reconnection fees of N2500 to N5000”, he said. He therefore urged the federal government to review the privatisation of power policy with a stringent terms and condition to avoid exploitation tendency.

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