Labour Party, LP, yesterday announced the suspension of its gubernatorial candidate in the recent elections, Prince Tonye Princewill.
Princewill joined the Labour Party and emerged as its flag bearer shortly after he was dissatisfied with the outcome of the party primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the state, where he was purportedly screened out.
However, there seems to be disagreement between the leadership of the party in the state and Princewill over the outcome of the governorship elections in the state.
Chairman of LP in the state, Prince Favour Reuben, who announced the suspension in the state, said the leadership of the party opted to suspend Princewill over what it termed anti-party activities.
He said: “The state executive council has agreed that he has not been carrying the party along, he has never done anything for the party and therefore he should be suspended for anti-party reasons.
“We are going into investigation, we are going to do our findings, but for now we are asking the party not to deal with Tonye Princewill on the platform of Labour Party. He should be dealt with as an individual and not on the platform of Labour Party. The views of Tonye Princewill regarding the 2015 general election are not the views of Labour Party.”
However, Princewill has stated that due process was not followed in suspending him from the party. Princewill, who insisted that he was not going to form alliance with either the PDP or APC, also stated that he was not interested in challenging the outcome of the elections in the tribunals.
He said: “This is a party I belong and we have a constitution. There are mechanisms and procedures that one must follow and I think that conflict is a function of interaction and therefore if people are interacting there must always be conflict. So I am sure we will resolve the matter amicably within the confines of our party.
“It is no longer in doubt that the election in Rivers State was neither free nor fair nor credible. Rather than the jubilation of a victory or the recriminations of a defeat, I and my team prefer to keep searching for peace. The bloodshed is simply too much and the thirst for even more appears palpable.”

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