Buhari has been called upon to
immediately reorganize, rejig
for greater efficiency, his anticorruption
team by dismissing
the Acting Chairman of the
Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) Mr. Ibrahim
Magu; the Federal Attorney
General Alhaji Abubakar Malami
(SAN) and the Director General
of department of state services
Alhaji Lawal Dagra.
Making the plea is the
pro-transparency and nongovernmental
Human Rights Writers
Association of Nigeria, HURIWA,
in a statement signed jointly
by the National coordinator
Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko
and the National Media Affairs
Director Miss Zainab Yusuf.
The group said the three
officials are serious obstacles
to the successful fight against
corruption and must be
thrown out if Nigeria ever
hopes to successfully confront
the hydraheaded monster of
corruption weighing down the
progress of the fatherland.
The Rights group had in the
media release issued against
the backdrop of a claim by the
Acting Chairman of the EFCC
Mr. Ibrahim Magu that cabal
bought houses abroad in his
name just as the Rights group
expressed consternation that
the President has still not taken
verifiable steps to clean the
augean stable so as to properly
anchor his administration’s antigraft
crusade in the right frame
of action.
HURIWA told president
Buhari that Nigerians are tired of
hearing too many cock-and-bull
stories from key office holders
in the current administration
whose statutory mandates
were basically to pioneer the
comprehensive but law-based
crusade against the cankerworms
of corruption and economic
crimes tearing our nation apart
and rendering millions of our
citizens impoverished and
HURIWA accused the principal
characters involved in the antigraft
war of engaging in interpersonal
and selfish combats
to the detriment of the overall
objectives of fighting the endemic
corruption afflicting Nigeria
just as the group observed that
corruption amongst government
officials in both the States and
Federal levels are monumental
whilst the supposed heads of the

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anti-graft crusade are politicizing
the anti-corruption campaign for
their self interests.
The Rights group also stated that
the tripartite crises of confidence that
have engulfed the Acting Chairman
of EFCC and the Director General of
DSS on one hand and between the
acting head of the anti-graft body
and the nation’s Attorney General
on the other hand means that the
aspirations and expectations of
millions of Nigerians that president
Buhari will wage a committed war
against graft would remain a mirage
and at best a pipe dream.
HURIWA stated that it is
practically impossible for a war
General to win a battle when the
commanders of his ground troops
are in constant confrontations over
allegations of grave violations of the
transparency laws.
The Rights group reminded
president Buhari that long before
the Acting chairman of the EFCC
issued his laughable and infantile
allegations that the so-called
Cabal bought houses abroad in
his name, the Director General of
the Department of state services
had written two dossiers sent to
the senate president Dr. Bukola
Saraki to oppose the confirmation
as substantive EFCC chairman of
Ibrahim Magu on the ground of his
alleged relationship with suspected
corrupt erstwhile military chief and
a panelist in the arms procurement
probe panel who was allegedly
found with $1 million USD cash.
HURIWA recalled too that one
of the sets of allegations against
Magu was that an allegedly corrupt
Nigerian procured for him an
expensive residential property in an
upscale area of the Federal Capital
Territory. “The sharp coincidence

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between this allegation made by DSS
in writing against the EFCC acting
Chairman and the self propagated
allegations by the Acting Chairman
of EFCC that a cabal bought
houses abroad in his name is too
suspicious to be neglected or swept
behind the carpets. These must be
comprehensively investigated so
the whole truth and nothing but the
truth is unravelled”.
“In case the president has chosen
not to remember, may we remind
him that DSS had in a report signed
by Folasade Bello on behalf the
DG of DSS and dated October 3rd
2016 addressed to the clerk to the
senate whereby the DSS claimed
that Magu failed integrity test
and would eventually constitute a
liability to the anti-corruption drive
of the current administration.”
HURIWA also reminded
president Buhari that the family
members of Abdulrasheed Maina
had alleged that the DSS provided
security to the fugitive just as
the Federal Attorney General
reportedly authored a letter asking
for the reinstatement of Alhaji
Maina long declared wanted over
theft of over N2 Billion pension
fund. The action of the minister of
justice in the recall of the fugitive
alleged pension thief amounted to a
grave abuse of office which should
fetch him an immediate dismissal.
The Rights group therefore
has asked president Buhari to
resuscitate his dying anti-graft
crusade and restore credibility and
integrity in the entire process by
ordering a clean sweep out of office
of the acting chairman of EFCC;
the DG of DSS and the Federal
Attorney General of DSS. The
group said if this recommendation
is not activated then the anti-graft
crusade is as good as dead and
buried and any further media
propaganda to the contrary
amounts to collective slap on the
intelligence of Nigerians.
HURIWA which also called for
the forensic probe of the recent
allegations by Ibrahim Magu that
Cabal bought houses in his name,
however said the acting chairman
should be relieved of his office since
he has clearly been bombarded by
allegations of impropriety which
requires that he does not interfere
with thorough investigations
including the latest claim of foreign
housing assets bought purportedly
in his name which he raised alarm
over it.
HURIWA recalled that the EFCC
had raised alarm over a plot to
frame up the Acting Chairman of
the commission by alleged cabals
who bought properties in his name
HURIWA said the spokesman of
the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren
has raised the alarm reportedly over
an alleged plot to frame its Acting
Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, with
ownership of assets abroad.
HURIWA recalled that EFCC had
stated thus:“Those behind the plot,
which is believed to be part of a
grand design to discredit the antigraft
czar, have allegedly finalized
plans to name Magu as the owner of
choice properties in exotic locations
HURIWA said EFCC stated
also that: “The commission has
information that the desperate
cabal could take their gambit to
the ridiculous extent of purchasing
properties and registering them in
the name of Ibrahim Magu to make
the plot believable”.

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