The Malaysian Government on Friday said it would not ban e-cigarettes in spite of concerns about their health implications.
Rural and Regional Development Minister, Ismail Yaacob, said in Kuala Lumpur that the nation’s Cabinet in its meeting, decided against the ban.
“Thanks to Prime Minister Najib Razak for understanding the wishes of the youth,’’ he said, adding, ‘’I believe ‘vape’ will be a better alternative to reduce cigarette smoking and for a healthier life.”
The issue came before the cabinet after the Health Ministry proposed a total ban on e-cigarettes, which has become popular in the country.
Yaacob said that there were an estimated 1 million ‘vape’ users in Malaysia and a ban would have affected retailers and producers of the devices and flavours.
The e-cigarette smoking device has an electronic vaporization system and controls, rechargeable batteries, and cartridges that contain varying amounts of liquid nicotine to be vaporized.
The smoker puffs it from one end, inhaling vaporized chemical mixtures, a process described by health experts as harmful to the lungs.

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