‘’When a wooden god exceeds its bounds, it will be told from which specie of wood it was hewn from’’—Igbo Proverb
It is now crystal clear to all discerning (sane) minds that Mallam Tukur Mamu’s pathological hatred for the FCT Minister, Sen. Bala Mohammed and the territory’s Director of Treasury (DOT), Alhaji Ibrahim Bomai, is increasingly getting out of control. According to reliable sources, Mamu, the publisher of the Kaduna based junk magazine, recently fled abroad using the famous NADECO route via Seme border to escape the volcanic wrath of thousands of Nigerians baying for his blood for using his rag-sheet of a newspaper to malign their integrity. This man referred to by many as a professional blackmailer and extortionist, who has been laying low since he scampered abroad on self-exile, suddenly found his voice after the declaration of Gen. Mohammed Buhari of the All Progressive Congress (APC) as the winner of the March 28 presidential poll, ostensibly on the false belief that the in-coming administration will offer him a shield from the long arms of the law. If that is Mamu’s present mindset, then he is in for a shocker as Mr. Integrity as Buhari is generally referred to will not touch Mamu, not even with a hundred feet pole. Recently, he fired a salvo from his base in self-exile in form of an unsolicited advice to the in-coming government that Buhari should extend his probe to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). In giving this advice, which was laced with unspeakable vendetta, he leveled several allegations against Bala and Bomai. This is not surprising as they are just a leap from the page of his previous allegations that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had investigated and discovered to be lacking in merit. This pestering attitude of Mamu automatically provokes the fundamental question: why is that of all federal ministries, including the Federal Ministry of Finance, the dispenser of the nation’s cowries and other revenue-generating agencies like the Customs service and Federal Inland Revenue Service, Mamu has been persistently particular about FCT Administration? The answer is not far-fetched. It would be recalled that the Bala and Bomai incurred Mamu’s wrath when the duo allegedly refused to play ball when the former was said to have wanted to blackmail them into parting with the princely sum of of money. When the minister reported the matter to the nation body of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), instead of honouring its invitation to clear his name, Mamu contumaciously turned down the invitation. After a thorough and dispassionate investigation, the NUJ exonerated the minister and recommended that Mamu’s name be listed in its black book register as provided for in Article7(3)d) of the NUJ Constitution and that the Union should place a notice to disown him. Recently, Mamu mischievously rehashed some of his previous allegations of financial improprieties against Bala and Bomai to wit: ownership of choice landed properties in Abuja; amassing of financial wealth. The stories making th rounds is how he also tarred Bomai’s image alleging that he bribed members of APC with a view to making him the next accountant-general of the federation and of sponsoring the media hype surrounding Buhari’s certificate scam. This is not fair. For years, his untrammeled operations have made life unbearable for several Nigerians through alleged extortion, blackmail and defamation. It is however ntet resting that, the minister after a recent Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja reiterated his earlier statement that he is willing to render account of his stewardship when called upon to do so, stressing that his administration in FCT of which Bomai is principal member has nothing to hide.
Amedu writes from Abuja