Mr. Ejike Oyota Ezekiel has been banished from an Okira community in Ishielu local government area of Ebonyi state on the allegation that he was a gay.
The community said that they have heard the rumour that the accused has been practicing the ungodly behaviour until that fateful day when he was caught on the act and was mercilessly beaten by the angry community youths.
Recall that the both chambers of the National Assembly against the pressures from the international community passed a bill proscribing gay marriage in Nigeria, with a 14 years imprisonment as punishment for anyone caught in the act.
Meanwhile, the community leader who prefers anonymity claims that gay or lesbianism practice is totally forbidden in the community. “God forbid bad thing” they screamed. “If we encourage or give a legal backing to the practice of gay or lesbianism, how then can we procreate and refill our community with legitimate children, which was obviously one of the commandments of God” the community leader said.
He confirmed that angry youths of the community have given the accused the beating of his life to the point that he was half dead before the swift intervention of the community leader for his rescue.
He added that the community decision makers arrived at the conclusion of his ban from the town after a thorough investigation was carried out by both the independent body set up by the community and his family members who have, on several occasions complained bitterly on the perceived act of homosexual practice by the accused.
The community leader said the outcome of the investigation confirmed that the accused was guilty of the crime, thus recommending his ban from the village until further notice and directive from the king makers.
“We observed that the act is not only among the men but also among the women, but am assuring you that any other caught in the act will get a stiffer punishment than the one given the Mr. Ejike” he said
Meanwhile, the family of the accused commended the community leaders for the decision, saying that it will serve as an example to the youths of the community (male and female) who are nursing any intentions to engage in such “ungodly” act.
“What devilish spirit on earth can move a man to look at his fellow man with full hair on his jaw and be sexually attracted to him when there are millions of girls roaming the street looking for who will say hello to them? Even animals with their limited knowledge and wisdom knows that they are supposed to be sexually attracted to their opposite sex and not same sex. Why then a man created in the image of God with all the knowledge and wisdom be attracted to same sex for sexual satisfaction” he queried.
“It is satanic and highly forbidden in our land. He deserves more punishment than the one given to him by the community leaders and we all full support it” his younger sister said.
One of his closest friends called Onyeka expressed surprise that the person he calls his close friend can engage in such satanic act.
“I have been suspecting this guy for long because of his comments and behaviours in recent past. He prefers to mingle with men and his act with them shows you that he is up for something.
“You hardly see him with opposite sex even when they (ladies) are dying to have his attention because he is a cute and presentable guy. I think the punishment given to him by the community leaders is the best in the interest of his family and the entire community so that he would not corrupt other young people in the community with his satanic act. I pray that God change him for him,” he prayed.

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