A 26-YEAR-OLD man, Rotimi Oriade, has reportedly impregnated his teenage sister who is 16-year- old and living with him in his one-room apartment at Shibiri, in Ajagbandi area of Lagos State. Though the alleged suspect, who is a mini-bus driver, has reportedly denied being responsible for the pregnancy, but the sister has told neighbours that he was father of her baby. The pregnancy alleged to be about four months old was noticed by some women within the residence, who after observing the
teenager throwing up repeatedly in the morning decided to approach her for explanation. According to one woman, she observed that the teenager regularly vomitted coupled with other symptoms of pregnancy decided to confront her and was she confirmed that she was carrying her brother’s baby. Another neighbour, Clifford Amaechi, equally said, “One of the bold women in the compound identified as Mama Amarachi called the girl on Saturday and advised her to tell the truth now so that they would know how to help
her condition. The girl, who opened up following several persuasions, confessed that her elder brother, Rotimi, impregnanted her. Further, she explained that her brother, who was usually jealous whenever he sees her with any boy, had repeatedly had sex with her for several months. She was afraid of her brother because he usually threaten her, warning that he would not hesitate to cause her bodily harm if he found her with any man. “One day she was sleeping on the mat on the floor when he
returned and ordered that she should be sleeping in the bed. That morning she had taken her bath and never knew that her brother was still around and she was unclad admiring herself in the mirror when he came in and closed the door behind him. He told her that ‘so this was the beautiful body she was hiding inside clothes’. “He attempted to caress her breasts, but she said she quickly wrapped her body with the wrapper and left the room. But one day, he made love to her and since then he continued to do it until she became pregnant. I didn’t tell him
that I’m pregnant,” Amaechi said. Meanwhile, Rotimi, who was questioned by neighbours, has vehemently denied the abominable act and threatened to traversed occeans to avenge whoever had so crudely ruin his sister’s life. For a compound meeting but he swore and denied making love to his sister insisting that it was because of his high handedness over his sister that she pointed accusing finger at him,. He said any man that makes love to his sister is a madman and a devil who is not suppose to live.. He described it as a blatant lie.