60-year old man who claimed to be from Kogi State yesterday escaped being lynched by mob for allegedly placing juju at a market stall in Garriki Market, Awkunanaw, Enugu in order to recover a debt.
But for the timely intervention of the Chairman of the Garriki Market, Chief Abraham Okenwa, irate traders would have dispatched the man to the great beyond.
It was gathered by Nigerian Pilot that when the woman would not pay the debt for the stipulated time frame, the man decided to bring juju to the woman’s shed so that if she does not pay, some evil might befall her.
Unfortunately for the man, when he was burying the juju, some people saw him and raised the alarm that attracted the mob.
The woman, the yam seller, whose name was simply given as Chidi, is said to be a notorious debtor who would not pay her debt and is in the habit of owing a lot of people.
It was while people were beating him for daring to bring juju to the market that the Market Chairman, Okenwa intervened and invited the police.
When Nigerian Pilot visited the Market, there was so much crowd that it was difficult to see the man who was knelling down with a can supposed to be holding the charm.
Before the police whisked him away with the woman that owed him, Okenwa was telling the crowd that he did not want the man to be killed.
“If I had wanted him killed, I would not have called the police.
Traders who spoke to Nigerian Pilot on the incident were divided.
Some condemned the man that he should have reported the woman to the market union instead of employing fetish means to recover his debt, while some sided the man and said he should do everything possible to recover his debt.
The man who was said to be a farmer from Kogi State, it was gathered, had called the woman on several occasions but she would not pick her calls thereby forcing him to employ juju to extract the debt.

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