If you are among the parents who think that their kids spend too much time in front of devices such as tablets and smartphones or have fear of such discharge app, you can now benefit from a new and powerful tool called FamilyTime screen limit app. This app is a new effective way to manage and control kids’ screen time as it allows parents to only monitor but curb the use of digital devices to the appropriate limits.

What is the FamilyTime App?
FamilyTime is a parental control app broadly which lets you monitor your child’s screen time, their web-history, call-logs, contacts and much more. This app has two versions; one for the parents and the other for children. These two separate versions help parents maintain the essence of trust and the friendly bond between parents and their kids with their role-specific versions, parents can manage their kid’s screen time remotely without being snoopy.

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How can the App help you?
Using the app is the best approach as it can help parents restrict their kids’ device usage time without being the rigid or cruel parent. With the app parents can:

Control Device Access time:

Schedule automatic locks for specific times such as:
• Homework Time: Schedule an automatic lock for your kid during the study hours.
• Dinner Time: Lock your kids’ devices during the set dinner time
• Bed Time: Restrict the use of digital devices during the night by setting the screen lock for the bedtime with FamilyTime.

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Remotely lock Phone:

Have a control over your child’s device. With this app, you can remotely put a lock on their phone either to limit screen time or safeguard the private data in it.
This is not all, there are a number of other useful features that can help parents manage their kids’ digital diet such as:

Web monitoring
• View browsing history
• Check bookmarks and favorites

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Phone monitoring
• Mirror contacts
• Check call logs along with date and time stamps
• Watchlist contacts
• Receive alerts on any contact in the Watchlist contacts list
• Check all their installed apps
• Check app version and date of installation for the apps
• Block harmful apps and games
Doesn’t it sound like a wish coming true? The digital tools now simplify parenting; so, get hold of one app such as FamilyTime screen limit app and make your parenting stress free. You can download the app for free from your app store or click the buttons below: