THERE ARE transfer rumours,
and then there are transfer
rumours that come from Duncan
Castles, unofficial José Mourinho
correspondent to the world.
So when Castles tells us that
Manchester United are chasing
Thomas Lemar from Monaco, we
feel justified in downsizing the
usual bucketload of salt to …
… well, only a slightly smaller
bucket, if we’re being honest. Such
is the transfer market. Anyway,
over on the Daily Record, Castles
reckons that United, after failing to
to prise Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth
Bale, and Ivan Perisic away from
their current employers, have
“added [Lemar] to José Mourinho’s
list of attacking targets”.
As with everybody that lives
in Monaco (except Falcao), he’s
young — a mere 21 — and was
extremely exciting last season
as the principality tore through
the Champions League and stole
the title away from Paris Saint-
Germain. But United do already
have an young, exciting, former
Monaco player out on the left. Be
nice to see him get some games,
However. But despite that, this
purported transfer receives the
full tBB seal of approval. Not
for football reasons, but because
Arsenal have been chasing Lemar
for most of the summer. Offer
rejected. Another offer rejected.
And then — swoop! — in come
United. Just imagine the faces on
ArsenalFanTV. Beautiful.

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