Even in the midst of ongoing celebrations of the peaceful and glorious outcome of the March 28, 2015 presidential poll, we hasten to call for cautious celebration nationwide if the reality of the development must really sink into everyone that sees himself/herself as a true stakeholder in the affairs of this great country.
No doubt, the kudos from the world community to Nigeria and Nigerians underscore one fact. And that is, no matter who won the election between the incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his opponent at what has become the most keenly contested election in Nigeria’s political history, retired military General Muhammadu Buhari.
The import of the development, beyond the ordinary is very clear. We believe it underpins the fact that God is with the Nigerian State. And like the Biblical position is; whomsoever God has blessed, no man can curse.
Thus, the Presidential Election successfully put a lie to the doomsday sayers who foresaw a balkanisation of the country by this year, 2015; and possibly, as a result of some assumed fallouts of the polls. But today, even with the governorship and States’ Houses of Assembly polls a few days away, not a few Nigerians accept the fact that Nigeria may have gone through the most critical of the elections and our country is at peace.
However, we must state that it is not yet uhuru for our nascent democracy. The volatility of sections of the electorate, as well as active participants in the process need to be watched and checked.
For instance, the utterances of the Oba of Lagos allegedly made to the effect that Igbos resident in Lagos will be severely dealt with if they do not vote for the All Progressives Congress, APC governorship candidate at Saturday’s poll, do not assist in any measure to develop our democracy.
If he truly said this, then the monarch needs to be closely watched. Relevant authorities need also to call him to order even as we wonder if the monarch really understands then very essence of neutrality in the process for any traditional office holder of his status. Above all, as father of all in his domain, he should, like Caesar’s wife, be above aboard. Partisanship, overtly or covertly, must not be traced to him or his actions in whatsoever way.
The Oba of Lagos must be able to emulate the maturity of his colleagues in other domains like Benin and Ife. Utterances like the one under reference add to our loads of reasons why we call for cautious celebration of the outcome of March 28 poll. After all, not all elements within a defined nation state truly uphold the vision and ideals that informed the democratic values of such a country.