THERE will be wailing and lamentation in Enugu State soon, as the state government has indicated that it might embark on demolition of illegal structures, especially in Enugu metropolis. Landlords, land speculators, corporate organisations, as well as religious organisations will be affected when the agents of demolition will commence their thankless job. Nigerian Pilot gathered that there had been similar demolitions in the past carried out by previous administrations but the planned demolition might far outweigh what had been seen before. What sparked the possible demolition is because it has been observed that so many people have built edifices on waterways and had thus blocked drainages and streams from flowing according to cause and this has occasioned flooding thereby cutting off road networks and threatening corporate and residential buildings. The worst hit in Enugu metropolis is Fidelty Estate where people had built on waterways that caused flooding that is fast threatening to affect the popular Ebeano Tunnel built during Chimaroke Nnamani administration. The flooding is so hectic from the Fidelity Estate that any time it rained, it blocks all human and vehicular traffic at the tunnel. Commissioner for Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority, ECTDA, Chief Chidi Aroh, who gave the indication of a possible demolition while conducting stakeholders round some building sites which his office has marked to stop work, said that about 141 of such sites have been discovered. Aroh who addressed journalists after a tour of 14 out of the 141 sites said that he called the media workers and some other stakeholders to come and witness what is happening in Enugu metropolis so that should government do something drastic, they will not be accused of witch-hunting or victimising anybody. “I want you to see things for yourself and advice the government on what to do so that when government take some measures, they will not be seen as witch-hunting or victimising anybody. “We had marked some of these sites to stop work but you have seen that most of them have continued to building and when it is pulled down, people will cry out that government has demolited a building that was nearing completion,” Chief Aroh points out. He also pointed out that some of the owners of the buildings have never come to their office for certification and approval yet they have kept on building. Aroh said that it is the desire of Enugu State Government to ensure that Enugu becomes the cleanest city in Nigeria and will not like anybody however highly placed or organisation mar the environmental aesthetics of the state. Fielding questions from journalists, Aroh did not say emphatically that they would commence the demolition any day but there was a clear indication that the buildings marked “stop work” are likely marked to die – for demolition. To show the seriousness of the impending demolition, tour of the sites was witnessed by journalists, officials of the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, NESREA; Nigeria Society of Engineers; National Emergency Management Authority, NEMA and members of the Enugu State House of Assembly House Committee on Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority.