Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra, MASSOB, has raised an alarm over what it describes “ a diplomatic blunder and systematic annihilation plot by the government of Norway in diplomatic partnership with Nigeria against the Biafran activists as in the case of Lotachukwu Okolie whom they are planning to deport to Nigeria Government on Wednesday, 29th June 2016.”
The leader of MASSOB, Uchenna Madu who disclosed this in a press statement said that the case is turning out to put Norway in direct violation of every known International Conventions and Laws especially with regards to Human Rights and protection of life from potential threat of danger of inhuman treatment like torture, imprisonment, or execution.
Lotachukwu Okolie, the statement points out is a Biafra restoration frontline activist well known in the struggle and already marked for elimination by Nigeria Government like many other pro-Biafra restoration activists or sympathisers as enemies of the imperial British (expired) colony called Nigeria’.
The MASSOB leader pointed out that Lotachukwu Okolie has been begging for asylum (protection) in Norway for about 12 years now without commiting any crime, noting that in spite of every evidence speaking for him and the clear dangers facing him like millions of other Biafrans, “Nigeria embassy in Stockholm has concluded plan to issue him a Nigeria’ temporary travel document (even against his will for he is a Biafran), for Norwegian authority to forcefully deport him to the waiting hands of the Nigerian government that is already on another grandscale genocidal extermination of Biafrans.”
“It is sad that Norwegian authority insists on carrying out his forced deportation.
Lotachukwu Okolie was nearly dead last year when a knife cut open his stomach in prison as the Norwegian authority was trying to forcefully drag him for deportation. He managed to survive that but barely hanging onto life as the pain and imbalance in his body system is causing him so much discomfort. Despite all that and overwhelming evidence of the current Nigeria government brazenly human rights violation including systematic genocides under one of the worst Biafra hater, President Buhari,” the statement laments.
“It baffles to see that a democratic and human rights champion like Norway is still making every effort including illegal steps in sharp violation of their own anti-corruption laws, just to see that a Biafran clearly facing threat is forcefully deported to ‘Nigeria’. The sadest part is that the courts in Norway is playing along with such inhumane and blatant violation of their own land’s ground law,” the lamentation continues.
MASSOB also noted that Biafrans will forever remain grateful for the people of Norway and the rest of Nordic countries for the love and support they showed to Biafrans during the 1967-1970 first systematic planned annihilation of entire Biafrans that claimed the lives of over 5.5 Million defenseless Biafrans mainly women and children.
“However, we must express our sadness and pain that Norwegian authority of all government that knows very well about the daily horror Biafrans have been and are still being subjected to in the hands of the managers of the British colonial contraption called Nigeria is still supporting such Nazi-like oppression and vile extermination of Biafrans.
“It will not be in the interest of Biafrans, Norway or justice for Norwegian authority to deny giving Biafrans the protection and support they rightfully and urgently needed now from them, especially at this horrible point in time.
“MASSOB therefore appeal to the conscience of the Norwegian authority and the people to obey the international laws and declarations that protect the lives and existence of asylum seekers including Biafrans within their shores and also promote their constitution that was built upon human rights, dignity and freedom,” the statement pleads.

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