Millions of Nigerians have been reacting threats by Senator Dino Melaye to beat up and impregnate Senator Remi Tinubu, the wife of the All Progressives Congress, APC, national leader, Bola Tinubu. Expectedly, the ungentlemanly behaviour of the lawmaker from Kogi state had sparked outrage across the country.
The backlash on Melaye is sequel to fallout of a rowdy session in the Senate on Tuesday July 12, where Melaye reportedly urged lawmakers to pass articles of impeachment against President Muhammadu Buhari for his alleged disrespect for the National Assembly.
“I will beat you up, impregnate you and nothing will happen,” the senator was quoted as threatening.
Several Nigerians are still in shock over the development and have been reacting angrily in the media. The outrage is informed for several reasons.
In spite of the fact that Dino Melaye share equal privileges with Senator Oluremi Tinubu, many Nigerians have pointed out to the “uncouth” senator that in the first place he is an Africa and Mrs. Tinubu is his elder. Even if the Senator had no respect for his elders at home, exhibiting what appears to be glaring lack of proper home training brazenly in public is considered by millions of Nigerians as the height of imbecility. Some Nigerians have even suggested that Dino Melaye should be barred from using the prefix “distinguished” as there is nothing “distinguished” about disrespecting ones elder no matter the level of provocation.
Other Nigerians have also pointed out and raised the poser on how Senator Melaye will feel another man, for whatever reason, raises his hands against his wife, beat and impregnate her.
Expectedly, the All Progressives Congress national leader, Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu has declared that the battle-line is drawn between him and Melaye. Ashiwaju Tinubu was emphatic that Melaye had begun a journey to his political end.
Speaking through his spokesman, Sunday Dare, Tinubu said Melaye’s comments were a major low for him.
Dare, writing on his Twitter handle, said: “A‎nd if Dino thinks nothing will happen if he dare beats up another Senator, then he must be living in a fool’s paradise”.
“Things will happen. Dino Melaye sunk to the lowest ever today.
“From this point, it is downhill for him. A disgrace to the Senate of the Republic.”
Even before APC national leader, Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu took up the challenge, some reactions from a cross section of Nigerians posted on the social media clearly show the level of indignation over the shameful drama in the senateon Tuesday.
Here are some of the reactions:
Christian Chibundu: “Dino is the worst Senator in Nigeria, his type should be thrown out of the senate without fail, all his contributions in the floor of the house had always been personal, is he a law maker or law breaker?”
Michael Abur: “The Senators should prepare for war ahead. If care is not taken there will be nothing like Senate again.”
Bishop Steve Akanimo:” These guys are just shameless to say the least…..Nigeria should abolish this house of commotion and fraud called Senate for crying out loud. This what you get when you gather criminals in one house without a defined job function but you keep pumping in cash to them inform of allowances.
Rufai Eneji: “I wouldn’t miss this particular Melaye. I really want to lay my hands on this guy’s head.”
Yusuf Abdullahi Wase: “Dino Melaye is the most stupid senator in the history of Nigeria, how can a reasonable man fight a woman? If Dino wants to fight he should face a man.
Afolayan Oladele: “I don’t blame those agitating for Republic of Biafra, Nigeria leaders have no vision, can you imagine kindergarten Nigeria senator threatening to beat up a woman on the floor. Nothing works in this country again and the next thing is to reconsider our stance.”
Divine David Don: “Melaye want to commit fornication and he boldly said it and some people are clapping hands for him, if he starts with Tinubu’s wife then he will do it with so many women in the country.
Comrade Hassan Aliu: “It is because of the lack of focus the people of Kogites lack in presenting a credible representative right from the onset of democracy. Dino is a man who once fought at d green hollow chamber in the 6th senate yet they still voted him again to represent them at senate. What a wasted slot indeed.”
Afolabi Oyeyemi: “I’m not surprised to read this about Okun trajedy called Dino. He’s a notorious wife beater and irredeemable national calamity. I can’t forget in a hurry how he fought and tore his clothes because Bankole didn’t offer him ‘juicy’ committee. He should beat up a woman and get national honour.”
Segun Kadir Elemere-Fanta: “sometimes I wonder how he got elected as a senator in a state like Kogi. Dino has failed his constituency. He should be withdrawn.”
Political observers in the country, who are still at a loss over the brutish behaviour of Senator Melaye, are of the view that the verbal assault on Mrs. Tinubu by Melaye is an assault on all Nigerian women and mothers and he should not be allowed to go scot-free. No matter the differences Senator Melaye has with Mrs. Tinubu or her husband he cannot hide under whatever legislative privileges for his unbecoming behaviour. Senators are expected to be role models for younger generation of Nigerians but that cannot be said of Senator Melaye.
The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, who is known to have Dino Melaye as one of his foot-soldiers must rise to the occasion and ensure his acolyte apologize to Senator Tinubu and other Nigerians. If the Senate President fails to do this it may well be taken that Senator Melaye was acting out a script written by him. As at today Senator Saraki is having the empathy of majority of Nigerians over his travails as Nigerians believe he is being unjustly persecuted over how he emerged as numero uno in the upper chamber of the National Assembly. However, this empathy will most likely evaporate overnight if he shields or fails to reprimand the rascal and delinquent senator from Kogi state.

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