BY virtue of being a “fearless
leader”, you can call him “the lion
of the senate”, and he will be well
Many know him as the senator
representing Kogi West, but in 2017,
his celebrity status reached new
From making the Ajekun Iya song
go viral to ending the year with a
cameo in the music video of a rap
song, even Olamide will find it hard
to deny that Dino Melaye had ‘back
to back’ hits in 2017.
On Sunday, the senator took his
antics a notch higher by hosting
a costume party dressed as Jack
Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
Save for the lack of an eyepatch
and a dangling sword, Melaye, also
known as “Captain SDM”, almost
nailed the Jack Sparrow look.

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