Men and trendy beards, The fashionable age of keeping full, bushy beards
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Men and trendy beards



Men and trendy beards

The fashionable age of keeping full, bushy beards by men seems to have returned in grand style. This days a lot of young men are seen walking around with their beards uncut or neetly trimmed. In this piece our correspondent, CHIOMA IRUKE, examines this fast growing trend.

OVER the years there has been this trend of guys keeping their beards, some at a very low and well-kept style while others keep theirs bushy and very long. According to Wikipedia, “a beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans and some non-human animals.”

According to history, beard keeping has been in existence with various cultures or religions determining the style, length and pattern of the type of beard that can be kept. Way back to the Christian religion, paintings of prophets like Moses and Elijah are usually depicted with fully grown beards and the Jews till this date keep their beards; so also do Zeus from the Greek mythology.

In modern days, beards are prohibited for various reasons; one is for professional purposes. The armed forces do not also allow beards in some certain squads.

During the week I watched a trending video on beards. In that video, ladies complained about guys who shaved their beards, saying that it’s what makes guys look like men.

The trend of keeping beards has become a fashion statement, as there are various tips on beard keeping and styling available on the internet and various fashion magazines. The burning question is, always why do people keep beards; does it attract the opposite sex and is it a fashion style?

Nigerian Pilot took to the street to get the opinions of individuals concerning the trend of beards keeping.

According to Blessing Ozoamaka, “My beards are for fashion; it’s what is in vogue and girls like it. Most times a girl might want to touch your face or rub your chin but because you don’t have beards, she will just leave you. My ex-girlfriend was always fund of twisting my beards, plating it or just playing with it. It’s just fun attracting girls by your look. Aside that, it makes you look mature and appealing.”

Mr Ali said he kept his beard for fun: “Well, there is no reason particularly. For me I keep beards for fun. As for girls I don’t believe that they are attracted to guys with beard I just believe it’s a personal thing.”

James Samuel said “I just keep it because of my father. My father has beards so I just started keeping mine. Another reason is so that my fellow guys will not laugh at me. I used to laugh at my friends who don’t have beards; I will tell them that I am older than them because I look more mature. I use my beards to gain respect, small boys used to keep beards now. You see old man without beards like me. I’m a small boy so when I go out with beard people respect me because I have beard.”

Barr Tony believes people keep beards because of trends and role models. “It’s because of trends; people live by having a role model so if your model keeps beards you will also keep because; you are trying to copy him; you are trying to be like him. Another reason I keep beards is because it makes me look mature. If I remove it, people will start seeing me as a kid. When I go somewhere and someone sees me they give me respect. The security men address me as ‘oga.’

Without it I’m just a small boy before them.”

However, Musa’s case is different. “Me I don’t like it. I don’t keep beards because it’s not my style; it’s not me; I don’t like it. As it is now, my beards have over grown; it’s due for shaving. Beards do not scratch me or anything; I just don’t like the idea. My senior brother keeps beards even though he is a police man. Luckily for him, he is CID. You know as a CID you can keep your beards; his own is even grown and long. But me I don’t just like it.”

According to Blessing Ozoamaka, “My beards are for fashion; it’s what is in vogue and girls like it.

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