A GROUP of Traditional
rulers and governors from
the northern Nigeria have
expressed their willingness
to support President Buhari’s
administration health agenda
for the nation in order to
improve the health outcomes
of their citizens.
According to a statement,
the group reached the decision
on Tuesday in Kaduna during
the Emergency Meeting of
the Northern Traditional
Rulers Committee on Primary
Health Care delivery jointly
convened by the Sultan of
Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Saad III
and Minister of Health Professor.
Isaac Adewole in response to
the outbreak of Cerebro-Spinal
Meningitis in the northern part of
the country.
Adewole urged states to invest
on the health of their people from
the PHC system, and called on
the participants to work together
to build a health system that it
robust, resilient and the enabling
where things happen.
The minister, who disclosed
that subsidised vaccines
provided by GAVI will no
longer be available from 2025,
recommended an institution for
immunisation trust fund and
condemned a situation where
Nigeria continues to depend on
relations and donors for vaccines
“Part of our suggestion is to
have an immunisation trust
fund. For too long we have been
immunising our children using
donations and so on. We must
take responsibility, they are
Nigerian children and we must
provide resources to immunise
Executive Director of
National Primary Health Care
Development Agency, NPHCDA,
Dr. Faisal Shuaib called for state
governments to go back to the
Primary Healthcare system. He
disclosed that the Health Minister
has approved the stocking of
vaccines against future epidemics.
Shuaib disclosed that there
is currently no shortage of the
vaccines required to tackle
the outbreak said that Nigeria
has stated discussions with
manufacturers to secure two
million doses of meningococcal
polysaccharide AC vaccine.

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