As Nigerians digest the implication of last week’s defeat of the Super Eagles by their Egyptian counterparts which means Nigeria will be absent in two straight Africa Cup of Nations, veteran sports journalist, Mitchell Obi has taken to the social media to mock the country’s senior national team.
Obi who has served as the President of the Association of International Sports Press, AIPS Africa since 2013 was in his vintage poetic self while reacting to Nigeria’s Nations Cup misfortune.
“One good failure deserves another. The pain is deep. If we knew this was coming, we would have pleaded with Chad not to surrender. Now what is left? All three ‘S’ of Nigerian football have left us with tears: From Siasia to Stephen and Sunday and back to Samson without his hair.
“Do we call back Stephen after which the congress could cancel Sunday’s resignation and call him? Somehow, the gods of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon don’t like the Super Eagles. When they co-hosted the Nations Cup, the Eagles were in the cold. When Equatorial Guinea welcomed Africa, the Eagles were lost in the Atlantic after an uncommon swim in Uyo waters.
“Now Gabon is ringing the hosting bell again and the rope tying the Eagles has been let loose in Alexandria. Can Alex Akinyele find the words to hook up the disappointment chain? Poor Eagles are on a picnic…suddenly so content with chicken feeds. We must find a new nest for the Super Eagles.’’

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