• Warn Gov. Dickson to pay workers full salary immediately

MILITANT group, Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, JNDLF, has expressed its displeasure over President Muhammadu Buhari administration’s handling of challenges facing the oil-rich region of the country, threatening to attack six flow stations, including pipelines in Bayelsa and Rivers States. In a statement issued yesterday, the group announced that “the oil and gas pipelines running from Ogboinbiri in Southern Ijaw LGA of Bayelsa State to Obrinkon in Ikwerre LGA of Rivers State is to be finally cut off from transmission.” It added that “the flow stations of Ogboinbiri, Oporoma, Peremabiri, Tabidaba, Nembe, Brass, Chevron platform in Koluama, Okordia-Zarama and Biseni including Gbarain-Ubie gas gathering plant are to be set ablaze since the oil companies are major hindrance to the development of the region.” The statement continued: “We further warn those staying around and within to please leave those areas because our mission is to cripple the economy of the country and not to kill any human being on earth. “The Nigerian securities (sic) who are claiming they are securing the oil facilities in the region should stay as their dwelling places and see whether their safety will be guaranteed by the music on those days. “We thank the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, for the bold steps he personally took to resolve the injustice created and sponsored by the wicked companies and government in Nigeria. The initiative he took has been relegated to the background by the self acclaimed Minister of Petroleum Resources, Muhammadu Buhari, who has no knowledge about the suffering of the people in the Niger Delta region only with a mission to milk the region and pays deaf ears to the plight of the region.” JNDLF also alleged that “the president’s wife, Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s foundation is funded with NDDC proceeds meant for the development of the region, since the present acting managing director, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, is mounting pressure at the presidency so as to confirm her the substantive managing director of the board which is being facilitating by the wife of the president. She conceived this idea when she was appointed last December. Warning to Gov. Dickson “We are warning Governor Henry Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, without further delay commence the final
payment of all workers, including the old pensioners being owed of their several months of salary. “Dickson is to pay these workers/ pensioners in full and not 50 percent or half of half of their legitimate salaries. He will not claim of any funds to pay them; the funds are with him based on the allocations he received from the federation account which is known to the people. “No fund but the government is busy doing projects and building personal building within and outside the state while these workers are dying in abject poverty in the state? This is unacceptable and it must stop forthwith in the region, because our parents, brothers and sisters are not to suffer as a result of their effort they put in government to service. “His aged mother who is over 70 years is a staff and still drawing salaries on Sagbama LGA’s payroll, what an injustice is this! The ministry of works in the state is silently paying all supply contracts to governor’s relatives while others are not paid. If he said there is no money, he should without delay auction those properties he and his relatives amass with the state funds within and outside Bayelsa now to pay the workers immediately.”