FORMER Minister of Women
Affairs, Hajia Ina Ciroma
yesterday in Abuja said the
mindset in the northern part of
the country that women cannot
be in positions of authority is
gradually changing.
Fielding questions from
newsmen at the Peoples
Democratic Party national
secretariat, Hajia Ciroma said
so long as women are not
aspiring to lead in prayers,
they are allowed to hold other
high profile decision-making
Hajia Ciroma, who is vying
for the position of Deputy
National Chairman (North), said
it is contradictory for anyone
to claim that parents that sent
their girl child to school in the
north would not want the same
children to aspire and occupy
responsible positions after
leaving school.
She said her husband, Mallam
Adamu Ciroma, who is from
far North where the sentiment
against women leaders is said to
be very strong, is fully in support
of her aspiration to emerge as
the leader of PDP in the North.
On how she can play leadership

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role in the north where women
are relegated culturally she
answered, “Political leadership
is not religious leadership.
It is politics not religion. It is
a cultural mindset and it is
changing very very fast. Why
should our parents send us
to school if we cannot occupy
leadership positions?
“Women are taking over
leadership positions in other
areas and politics should not be
an exception.
Hajia Ciroma, who is also
a former PDP woman leader
further added that she wants to
add value to the party if elected.
“I am going to add value to the
party. The party needs people
of character, we shall work with
the youths to move the country
“We know that so many things
have gone wrong and then there
is need that we go back to the
drawing board. The issue of
imposition of candidate, we
shall ensure it does not reoccur.
The participation of women in
politics is very low especially
elective positions. We need to
work together with the men
and salvage the image of the
country” she stated.
She said that her election will
be novel as she will be the first
female to be elected into the
“If am able to get the positions,
then it will break a jinx and a
plus to the party.”
She debunked the insinuations
that her relationship with a
particular candidate could affect
her emergence.
“The fact that I am working for
a particular candidate does not
mean that I am not supporting
the others. I am a party member
and all of them are qualifies and
they are all my friends.
“We know where we went
wrong in 2015. One of the
things that went wrong was
when we jettisoned the zoning
“All Nigerian believe that PDP
must come back to power, so we
are strategizing.
“My message is that I want
the delegates to think critically
before they vote. They should
look at people who are able
to deliver this party. It is the
responsibilities of delegate
to vote according to their
conscience and ensure that they
move the party forward” she
Mallam Ciroma is one of the
founding fathers of PDP.

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