Minister of Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung has lambasted the 19 Northern states governors for their absence at the public lecture organized in honour of first Northern Premiere, late Sir Ahmadu Bello.
This was also as he took a swipe on the governors for their inability to sustain the laudable legacies of the late premier 50 years after his death.
Dalung stated this in his good will message ‎shortly after the panel discussion on the topic; “Sir Ahmadu: The man, His vision and the imperatives of Good Governance” as part of activities that marked the 50th commemoration of the demise of Sir Ahmadu Bello organized by the Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, SABMF.
He noted that the late Sarduana was able to unite the northern region in spite of ethnic and religious diversity as a person but regretted that today with 19 governors overseeing smaller parts of what Saduana oversaw alone, nothing much can be seen.
Dalung said the North has surrendered the unity handed over to it by late Sardauna for ethnic and religious difference hence the need for much to be done not only by the governors but every leader in the north to sustain the legacies left by the late Sardauna.
According to him, “From the presentations we have heard, it is still lamentation and lamentation. 50 years after the death of Sardauna, Northern leaders are still lamenting. And I think there should be a radical departure from lamentation to translation of the ideals of Sardauna into practical realities.
“I think the lesson we should learn from Sardauna is one. He was a detribalised leader. Though a Muslim, he travelled to Makkah with a Christian, Michael Buba. Though a Muslim, his close confidant was the chief of Kagoro. Though a Muslim leader, he had so many Christians appointed in his cabinet and he carried everybody along.
“Sardauna is responsible for the education we are benefiting today. The foundation he laid is what we are standing on; we have not added anything onto it. Even the unity he handed over to us, we surrendered it to ethnic and religious differences, that led to the balkanisation and confusion that have characterised the North.
“However, we must remain focused because the North is three quarters of Nigeria and therefore, the unity of the North is the unity of Nigeria. We must invest so much in uniting the North, so that Nigeria can take proper bearing.
“Sardauna was an individual; he led Northern Nigeria, which is now 19 states. But today, we have 19 governors, yet they cannot govern the North. If Sardauna was going round to oversee 19 northern states and now, we have governors with smaller portions, yet they are nowhere to be found, it is unfortunate.
“The problem of the leadership in the North and Nigeria is that, there is a wide gap between the rulers and the ruled. Sardauna narrowed that gap. When Sardauna was alive, from this very place we are standing, early in the morning he trekked down to the Mosque and while coming, he will visit houses greeting people until he reached his house. How many of the Northern governors are doing that? How many political leaders are doing that today?

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“Today, it is 50 years after the late Premier of Northern Region died. May God forgive his shortcomings and may God forgive us too for not consolidating on his legacies.”

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