Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbnnaya Onu has said his ministry was determine to help Nigeria’s economy to be diversified, as it is working very hard to assist the country to move out from the problem of mono-product economy.
Onu stated this while receiving United States of America’s ambassador to Nigeria,H.E. James F. Entwistle, who led delegation to the headquarters of the ministry in Abuja recently.
“The Ministry of Science and Technology is determined to help Nigeria’s economy to be diversified. We have enormous resource and there is no material of note that we do not have in abundance in Nigerian. There is need to add value; we have a very favourable weather and very fertile soil.
“We have enough water; so there is no reason why Nigerian cannot feed itself. The US has that problem of not being able to feed themselves up to 1965; but here in Nigeria we want to be able to feed ourselves; we want to be able to manufacture many of things we need within Nigeria and all these depend on science and technology.”
Onu, however, added that “the ministry will very soon try to promote efficiency whereby we will like to work very closely with a company that can help transfer technology in Nigeria, because we believe that it is one way we can develop agricultural rate,” he state.
Earlier, Ambassador Entwistle said, “The ministry and I and the permanent secretary have started a good discussion about biotechnology and in the area of biotechnology, our potential is to look to inspire agricultural products and others.
“We also have a relationship with the ministry; and I can do anything possible and speaking as a non-scientist and a non-technical person, we are glad to talk about useful possibilities and I promise to do anything possible to make the wonderful relationship deeper and broadened,” he said.