“Handbags are one of the most fashionable accessories we cannot do without; carrying them complements our dressing and makes us complete women.

“They are status symbols and tell more about us and what we are in the society’’, some ladies told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) when approached for their comments in Lagos on Tuesday.

They said that their dressing was incomplete without the handbags or hand purses as it were.

They told NAN that any trendy lady would always feel proud carrying a designer’s bags such as: Gucci, Coach, Fendi, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Valentino, Chloe and Givenchy, among others.

According to them, handbags are always in different shapes and sizes; such as tote, clutch, sling or faux-leather.

“Some handbags are good for outings, parties and formal occasions while others are better for everyday affairs.’’

According to them, a lady’s handbag usually contains her money, and other personal effects such as her powder, lipstick, hair brush, make up kit and sometimes my sanitary towels.

NAN reports that handbags have been in existence for ages and women and their handbags are inseparable unlike men who can move about without a carry-on-bag.

Miss Cynthia Nwosu said, “ My handbag usually contains several personal items such as my face powder pack, lipsticks, hair brush, make-up kit and, slippers, writing materials novels and sometimes, my sanitary towels.

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“I cannot go out without a handbag because I will feel incomplete. Also, l am likely to forget several essential things as l move around’’, Nwosu said.

A fashion designer, Omoteniola Olawale-Akinsanya, told NAN that her handbag was her fashion statements.

According to Olawale-Akinsanya, I am always very conscious of the type of handbags I carry around especially when I am is going for a date or attending parties.

“My bag is the statement of who l am. I want to ensure that am up-to-date with the kind of bag l carry.

“I have my class of guys and do not forget that your fashion statements and accessories will dictate the kind of men that approaches you.

“I am single and searching; and as you know, many men are aware of the fashion trend and they assess you based on whatever you wear and how you rock it (wear it).

“ So I am conscious of that. I can buy a designer’s bag for either N50,000 or N 100,000,’’ Olawale-Akinsanya , also a single lady said.

Also, Mr Ibe Nkem, a banker, told NAN that he always loves seeing ladies complementing their dressing with beautiful handbags.

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“Sometimes, it simply makes them feel on top of the world when they carry designer’s handbags.

“A lady’s dressing is complete with the handbag and they are conscious of themselves especially when it is a good one.

“A stylish woman wants to look good all the time, and her handbag is part of that statement.

“That is why you sometimes see them carry it as if it is an egg,’’ Nkem said.

For Mrs Chinwe Ejidoh, a business woman, handbags are women’s companion depending on the sizes.

“Women move about with several personal effects; so there is no way they will not carry handbags where they keep such invaluable, especially, if she is a nursing mother or one with small children.

“That is why it is a must for a woman to carry a handbag every time, unlike men,’’ Ejidoh said.

Ejidoh said she could spend as much as N50,000 on a good handbag because of her love for them.

A civil servant, Miss Fatima Fahn, said that as a woman, handbag carrying is a must for women.

“You can carry whatever you want: water bottle, keys, credit cards, note-pads, relevant and important papers and documents in your handbag.

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“You can decide to visit the market on your way from work to buy some things for the home,’’ she said.

Fahn, however, said that the highest she could spend on a bag is N20,000.

Mrs Emmanuella Akpan, a trader, said handbags are very essential for women as they help them move smartly despite the many items they carry around.

“It helps you take things you need while you stack the ones not needed for the immediate inside your bag. You will not fuss about anything when the need arises,’’ she said.

Unlike others, Akpan said that she preferred the fairly-used handbags popularly called “okirika’’ or “second-hand ’’ handbags.

She said that there were no designer’s bags that could not be found at the “Okirika’’ shop for as low as between N2,000 and N3,000 per bag.

“I am poor; I do not have money to buy expensive designer’s bags despite the fact that l love them.

“So what I do is patronise the second-hand shops’’, Akpan said.

Also, Mrs Omobolanle Owosuna told NAN that handbags are meant to complement status, person, dress sense and style.

“Whichever is yours and preferred, just rock your style with one,’’ Owosuna said. (NAN)