Miyetti Allah sues for Peace, Progress and Development. —
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Miyetti Allah sues for Peace, Progress and Development.



National president of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Alhaji Bello Abdullahi Bodejo has called on all Nigerians to development the attitude of peace, progress and development as means of taking Nigeria to greater heights.

Speaking in an interactive session with the media, the national president tasked citizens to be law abiding and obey government directives which he said were for the good of the citizens of the country and progress of the nation.

On the challenges the Fulanis are facing moving around with their cattle, he affirmed that efforts were ongoing in some states for the government to allocate land for the use by Fulanis to rear and graze their animals.

He emphasised that this move became necessary and important because by wandering about in the bush, Fulanis are being accused of committing different crimes which in the real sense are not committed by Fulanis but are committed crimes by other criminals who are always in the habit of blackmailing the Fulanis for all the atrocities committed without hearing from the Fulanis’ side of what transpired.

He reiterated that most of the Fulanis settlers live in the Ruga settlements farming, growing crops, cultivating and rearing their animals and they only go about with sticks and where necessary cutlasses to cut down weeds for their animals and cattle and for farming purposes only.

“Fulanis do not carry guns but sticks and cutlasses,” he affirmed.

Reacting to the current pandemic ravaging the world, he urged all and sundry to maintain social distance, wash their hands and avoid gathering of so many people so that the COVID-19 will not spread around easily.

In a related issue, Abdullahi pleaded with the government to reduce taxes payable to the revenue collectors on the buying and transportation of cows from one state to another state for the ease of doing business and cooperation with the government.

He therefore advised all Nigerians, especially the Fulanis, to maintain law and order and ensure full compliance with government directives and order, as he prayed for the unity and peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians and for Nigeria to continue to exist as a corporate body.


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