Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky said only collective and individual moral change could sincerely transform the country.
He made the remarks at the rounding up a four-day zonal seminar organised by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Shinkafi, Zamfara State on Sunday.
The four-day seminar, which took place at the Shinkafi central mosque, lectures was delivered by scholars on various issues such as married life, self-assessment, sincere devotion, good conduct e.t.c.
Sheikh Zakzaky said strict adherence, commitment and dedication to Islamic teachings among the Islamic scholars and all Muslims remained the only avenue that can truly and sincerely transform and salvage the society.
While stressing on good manners and conduct as the tools towards the desired self and society change, he described Islam as the only religion capable of guiding lives of people in society.
The scholar, who also dismissed the wrong perception that religion was devoid of politics, said the idea came about when the British monarchy saw the Church, represented by the Pope, as a threat and powerful, it therefore removed the power of governance from the church.
He further explained that, it was the same idea that was instilled into the psyche and sub-conscious of the Muslims, who restricted Islam to mere collection of ritual without power of governance.
Sheikh Zakzaky defined a Muslim as one who sincerely profess the unity of Allah with his heart, proclaims it with his tongue and practice it with his body system, as brought by the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad (S).
He said Islam was a religion of practical application rather than proclamation; hence governance takes paramount in its precepts.
His Eminence added that the West saw Islam as an enemy and therefore, was employing all out covert operations through creation of terror groups to tarnish its image.
He said,” so desperate is the west to ensure that Islam never governs again that it is trying to suppress the debut of Sheikh Usman bin Fodio.”

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