A 21-year- old mother, Blessing Oghenekevbe, is in severe emotional and physical pains. Blessing, who was only last month delivered of pre-term babies at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH in Benin City, is bitter of soul.
The joy of being a mother has deserted her on account of untoward happenings soon after she gave birth to her children. Blessing is being detained by the hospital management over her inability to pay hospital bills.
Her bills, according to the hospital management has amounted to N550,000. She incurred the debts following the delivery of the babies and has been unable to offset the debt and go home a free person.
Blessing, who had looked forward to being a happy mother, is now regretting being a mother of healthy children. The delivery was her first experience, an experience she had thought she would savour for a long time. True, the ordeal she went through was not pleasant but it has been made harder by her forced detention as she has been prevented from leaving the hospital premises unless she first settles her debt.
“We were not expecting twins, but God is wonderful, he blesses us in ways beyond ordinary imagination, and we cannot but thank him for his generosity and mercies,” Blessing said stressing that what ordinarily is a bless has been turned to sorrow by her inability to pay her hospital bills.
Blessing’s husband, Oghenekevbe, has disappeared into the thin air. “My husband has stopped coming to visit us. In fact, he has disappeared because he cannot generate N550,000 to pay the bills. He has sold whatever was within his means to cater for us during the pregnancy and we had hoped that it would be easy delivery,” she said and burst into tears.
“The news of my safe delivery of the twin babies was supposed to bring joy to the family and our well-wishers, but now it seems it is breeding sadness and frustration and emotional pains.”
According to her, she feels like a prisoner as the hospital security is on strict instructions to monitor her movement on daily basis and ensure that she does not leave the premises until after she has settled her bills.
“My name is Blessing Oghenekevbe. I am 21 years old. I got married to Mr Oghenekevbe in 2015. My husband is from Oghara in Delta state, but I am from Benin City. I live at Oregbeni Street in Benin. We were blessed with twin babies last month.
“But our joy was cut short because the hospital management has insisted that we cannot be discharged until we have paid our bills. We have pleaded with to part with the little that we have but they have refused it.
“We do not have the money to get the children and l discharged from the hospital and they do not want to let us go unless we pay the bill. Nobody is coming to visit us. I am in M1 Ward in UBTH. The names of my twins are Mirabel and Christabel. They are girls. We need help. Please help us and let God continue to help you too.”
Accordingly, Blessing has appealed to the wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari and the wife of the Edo state governor, Mrs Iara Oshiomhole, to come to her rescue by helping her poor family to offset the hospital bills. Blessing said she and her children would remain externally grateful both her Excellencies if they render this succour to them.
She said, “My husband has run away from me since he heard of the bill. His telephone is no longer reachable. My husband is an orphan; he does not have father or mother. Before now, we were managing to survive and now with the children things have gone out of proportion. “I want to go home, but I can’t. This morning, they have brought additional N50,000 bill being charges for the extra days that we have been at the hospital. Each day that we have stayed here, the money increases. The total money is now five hundred and fifty thousand (N550,000), only. Please any help I can get, I will appreciate”.
She appreciated all that have so far donated various items for the babies since their plight went public. Blessing claims that her major problem is settling the hospital bills stressing that her relatives would assist to care for the babies. “My main concern is leaving the hospital, once we are out, they are relatives and friends who will assist me feed the babies.”
Friday Magazine gathered that Blessing came to the hospital three weeks before her babies were due. They were subsequently delivered by caesarean session. That was on February 3 2016. As if that was not enough burdens, the twin babies were domiciled in the Intensive Care Unit, ICU of the hospital for four weeks, doubling the bill of an otherwise safe delivery.
Doctors at the UBTH soon after released the patients for discharge, only to realise that the young family cannot afford the initial bill of N300,000 only. It was in a bid to go get the money that her husband of the girl, a petty trader, absconded and has not been seen ever since.
Hospital authorities say the lady is being kept, until she can pay her bill for treatment. When asked whether Blessing would be free to go home while she or her loved ones go and search for the money, they declined response, insisting that, “Blessing will be able to go home as soon as she can pay her bill”.
Mrs Blessing Oghenekevbe was born Blessing Ode 21 years ago. She attended Niger College, Benin city for her secondary education, where she graduated in 2011. She is currently an apprentice learning the trade of hair dressing before she gave birth, according to her report. She speaks Edo, English and Pidgin fluently.
Blessing’s personal telephone is +234 817 700 6756 for verification. For official verification, you may contact UBTH on their official telephone numbers +234 1 802 216 0312 or +234 818 770 4443. Her Account name: Oghenekevbe Blessing while her Bank Account number is 3027804999 and the bank is Skye Bank.

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