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Movie review: Shim Chung, a story of love As performed by the Universal Ballet Company



Love they say is a driving force and motivator. It keeps one pushing, it does not give up, its patient and kind and above all, it’s unending. This is the case of Shim Chung who risked everything including her life to ensure her father had received sight.
Shim Chung, is a popular folktale in Korea which tells the story of love and sacrifice by a young girl for her father.
Performed by Universal Ballet Company and staged at the Seoul Arts Center, the story is based on the 15th century Korea and tells the story of the Shim family. The theatrical performance was done through a Ballet show casing the Korean culture.

Around 1920s, in Korea, there was a girl named “Shim, Chung.” Her father, Mr. Shim, was a blind man and her mother was dead. Shim Chung was filial as a result; she always took care of her father, made good food for him, and even earned money which she used in assisting her dad.
Shim Chung heard that if she gave to the Buddhist church very much rice, her father could see again. But she had nothing to donate. At that time, some fishermen were living in danger because a strong ghost attacked them. The ghost asked them to kill a young girl in the sea. So the boss suggested that if Shim-Chung would die for them, they would donate rice. Shin-Chung was very pleased, and she decided to do that.
Later, Shim Chung was sold as a sacrifice. She was tied with chain and dropped into the sea called ‘In-dang-soo’ as a sacrifice to the Ocean God.
At that time, most of fishermen had died during the voyages, because of the storms. And people believed that by sacrificing a girl would stop the storms and make the Ocean God happy.
Shim Chung woke up to find herself was in the palace of underwater been nursed by a nymph who took her to the water king (it’s like a Korean Poseidon).
Shim Chung went to the King, and told her story and what happened before she came to the palace of Ocean. Impressed by her filial piety and impressed by her story the King put Shim Chung in the big lotus flower and sent her back to the upper world.
The lotus flower was found, and brought it to the Upper world’s king. After the king opened the lotus flower, he found was Shim Chung and fell in love with her and married Shim Chung.
Several months later, she remembered her father and was concerned. She wanted to find her father, but she couldn’t because while she was in the Ocean world, her father became a beggar and was wandering around the country. So she asked the king to have a party for blinds. Then surprisingly, Mr. Shim came. So they met again! And Shim Chung’s father got back his eyesight when he met his daughter!
So they lived happily!

As an on screen play Shim Chung, had the right type of effects and stage lighting which illuminated the stage, acts and costumes.
Been a Korean drama acted on stage, the play was able to effectively showcase the Korean culture without deviating the attention of the audience way from the play.
The dance was not too intense as the body movements were systematically and technically done without too many stunts which would have served as a distraction.
One complain made by many had to do with the narration at the beginning of a new scene. Based on the fact that we viewed at the Korean Cultural Center through the screens, new scenes narration were written and sometimes could not be properly read because the both the English and Korean interpretation interfered.

Final Verdict
Although a soft drama, the theme and message were effectively passed across.

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