Yesterday Friday May 29 2015, Muhammadu Buhari and Professor Yemi Osinbajo were sworn in as President and Vice- President respectively. The inauguration marked the starting point of change, as the new administration takes over power.
The All Progressives Congress’ politician emerged winner of Nigeria’s March 28 presidential election. Since then, the outgoing government, led by President Goodluck Jonathan, and the incoming government have been preparing for the smooth power transition which took place yesterday. Numerous national and world leaders attended the festive ceremony
Having assumed office after three previous attempts at winning the election, Nigerians are hopeful that Buhari will live for them and restore their lost hope. And we want him to be the best President Nigeria ever had after his tenure. But this will be based on his performance in office, for Nigeria and all Nigerians, and not on sentiments. For that to happen, he needs to meet the several challenges as an absolute minimum: One Nigeria for All Nigerians: He must come with a Vision of One Nigeria for All Nigerians based on truth, justice, equity and fairness as the only basis for sustainable unity, peace and progress. This progress must be bigger and greater than progress under ethnic, regional, religious or other identity platform.
Everything he does must be driven by this Greater Nigeria, Greater Nigerian Vision. He must rally the nation, the Nigerian nation and all Nigerians with this inspiring leadership vision based on his continued honesty, integrity and personal example. Nigerians will believe and follow him. And that is what leadership is all about. This will ensure that the 2million or so Nigerians who died during the Nigerian civil war will not die in vain and for their souls to finally rest in peace. Keeping Nigeria One is good but certainly not the current Nigeria. To keep Nigeria One for all Nigerians is a task that must be done!! On that vision we must all stand.
On the formation of his cabinet, he must establish a credible and competent cabinet and Presidency with only credible, honest and competent professionals with integrity and personal examples too: -extending himself and his goodness into the total executive arm at the federal level that will impact on executive arms at the Regional levels and the Legislative and Judiciary arms at all levels. This is the magic of honest leadership. This Presidency can lift the entire nation, and indeed, all sectors.
He should assemble the best Team of Nigerians from anywhere in the world to give the best cabinet and Presidency ever designed and put in place in Nigeria. Buhari should develop the strategic Architecture to develop Nigeria even without a drop of oil and oil revenue, particularly now that the price of the natural resources is dwindling. This Presidency will, by example, provide leadership for the legislature, judiciary and all public servants/civil service at both the Federal and Regional levels, even with separation of powers. This presidency, by absolute dedication to the well-being of Nigerians will have the moral suasion and audacious impact to mobilise all civil society organisations, media, academia, labour, youths, women and the international community to enforce what is right on all Nigerians and all institutions of state.
Strong and patriotic leadership precedes all strong institutional formulation, building and establishment. Strong institutions and maintenance culture are outcomes of strong leadership that also establishes good laws and enforce them no matter who is involved. Nigeria cannot be an exception. And the President and his vice are not the first and second citizens by order of protocol for nothing. The President, can and should take the lead. And if doing the right things, all will follow. And all will be made to follow, one way or the other. Leadership determines followership in our type of society. Leaders with integrity and personal example like Buhari are needed for progress. And their goodness cascade down and permeate the nation.
He should equally eliminate corruption, ensure the well-being of all Nigerians, sustain re-orientation policy, initiate projects and programmes to convert ethnic nationalities with different religious orientations and economic backgrounds into proud Nigerians and institute credible people-based constitution as against what we presently have in Nigeria.
There are really no other options to greatness than through great leaders. Buhari has the qualities. And he has a date with destiny in the Nigerian presidency from 2015. Buhari now has a date with history and history will judge him by the end of his tenure to the extent he was able to fulfill his many promises and to what extent he was able to turn the lives of the people around for the better. May God give him the right vision and guide him.

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