As Muslims all over the world enjoyed the Sallah festival, an Islamic music artiste, Monsurat Yusuf is cooling her feet in Police custody at the Criminal Investigation Department, CID, Eleweran, Abeokuta in Ogun State.
Monsurat Yusuf had in March stabbed her boyfriend, Eric Moses who eventually died.
She was later released from detention on bail, while the court adjourned sitting till October.
According to a source, trouble began when Monsurat fell out with her surety, a businessman in Lagos who stood by her and provided the requirement in court to secure her bail.
Monsurat fled home immediately she was let off the hook and this made her surety reverse his decision and notify the authority that he could no longer hold forth for her.
After her surety’s action, Monsurat was rearrested and put behind bars, until her trial commences.
It will be recalled that, Monsurat’s case arose from an incident which led to the death of her alleged boyfriend, Eric Moses.
Meanwhile, following the recent action of the Police, parents of the victim, Monsurat are now pointing accusing fingers at popular music video director, Dare Zaka as being responsible for Monsurat’s jumping bail.
According to the mother, “Our daughter was a quiet girl that never disobeyed us. The moment she came across Dare Zaka, Monsurat has become a changed person and it was in this course that she got a colleague killed in school. Look at what this man has caused the family, he eloped with our child and now she is back in Police custody.
“We did not consent to their union and he has misled our daughter. We were supposed to see the family of the deceased to facilitate an out of court settlement but our daughter was nowhere to be found. It was Dare Zaka that took her away; he was busy taking her to media houses parading himself as her husband and writing un-printable things about the man who has been of great help to the family in time of need and when Monsurat was in prison. He even claimed he has gotten her pregnant and when we raised our objection he has terminated the pregnancy. He is endangering our daughter’s life by turning her against us.
“The condition given to Monsurat before she was released, Dare Zaka made her go against it and the man who stood by her has broken the bail bond. He has enchanted our girl and she doesn’t listen to anybody again except him. We are helpless, we do not want our child to go to jail, she is too young, Dare Zaka has really worsened the situation, he has really worsened the problem and made our daughter experience things that are far too much for her age.”
A Police officer at Elewean who pleaded anonymity confirmed her arrest and said she will be in court in October when her fate would be decided.

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