Music producer, Ademoye Oluseyi aka Sheyman has said the youth’s pre-occupation with music as a career had reasonably reduced unemployment in Nigeria.
Sheyman said in a recent interview that many artistes have difficulties funding their careers or attract sponsors and record labels to support them in their endeavour.
“It has really contributed positively because back in the years everybody will be saying there’s no job, but now you see people are doing something, people are coming up with different things. Investors are putting money down for talents; corporate bodies are putting money down for endorsements. People have some things to do with their time; even the fans are happy that they are enjoying quality music. Not that we have to just deal with politics alone. Now, the most challenging part of the industry is the lack of market structure in terms of how do we make money from our content? We don’t have to wait until we get shows; we don’t have to wait for endorsements. How can we monetise each download? The structure is not really put in place; that’s number one challenge. Number two is finance. Some artistes have great talents but there’s no finance backing it up and once you do one or two videos, you are broke.”
Sheyman also advised aspiring musicians to cherish the four ‘Ps’- Perseverance, Passion, Patience and the Power of God.
He said these would guide them through a successful career in the music industry.

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