An upcoming musician, Lindii Orubor, a native of Chibok, Borno State has used her recently released single ‘Salama’ to advocate for love, peace, stability in the North Eastern part of the country.
Lindii Orubor made this known at a Quest Writer Session organised by Abuja Writers Forum, AWF, in Abuja.
According to her, she was inspired to compose and sing the music because of the crises, unrest, uncertainty and violence she experienced in the North East region of Nigeria.
“I wrote the song, because I saw what was happening in the North East. The destruction, the killings, sufferings in the internally displaced persons, IDP’s, Camps.
“If you go to IDP’s camp, you will discover that they have more children who are fatherless and motherless, there are suffering, these are people who had families, bright future and all of a sudden one night they were taken away from them.
“I hope that peace will reign back in the region. Like the song I wrote, it’s more like, I see hope. I don’t see it like this is the end. I don’t want to sit down and keep lamenting, we have to strengthen ourselves somehow and that is what I try to do with my songs.”
“Salama is targeted at preaching and promoting peace, love, harmony and stability in the North-Eastern part of the country.
“Salama, which means peace, is a new hit of single aimed at reaching out to the victims of insurgency and conflicts in the region.
“Being a native of Chibok that is affected by crises, unrest, uncertainty and violence, I am inspired to compose and sing the music. The happenings in North East could not stop me, even after losing loved ones, relatives, and friends to the insurgency.
“Salama’ is a way of pouring out my heart and desire for the return of peace to the troubled minds; a prophecy that all will be well again and a reassurance for hope.
“Peace is what we pray for and we should work towards it in Borno, Adamawa, Yobe and every other state experiencing crises.
She also advised the youths, especially those from the North East, to keep their hopes high, assuring them that all will be well.
“I hope we keep spreading this message of peace because this is what we actually need. I know the situation hurts but it should not break us down and make us feel angry.
“We should have a positive mind about the whole thing that sooner than we expect, peace and stability will rule these areas once again.”

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