NIGERIAN Internet personality, Idris
Olanrewaju, otherwise known as
Bobrisky, has accused his gateman, one
Jacob of trying to sell him out for N2m.
Bobrisky on Monday took to his
Snapchat handle to call out Jacob,
accusing him of trying to sell him to his
The cross dresser also said that his
gateman lied that his father was ill.
He said that he gave Jacob the sum of
N65,000 to go and take care of his sick
father only for him to find out that he was
staying with his friend in Lagos.
“I don’t want to hear anything about
Jacob anymore pls guys Jacob wasn’t sick
it was a planned game but it’s fine….If
you want to help him like some people
claim to give him 2million go ahead. I
wish you all the best of luck. Jacob told me
his father was sick that they are cutting
his father’s leg…. I gave him 60,000 and
also paid for his tfare to go home and see
his father only for me to find out that he
is in Lagos in his friend’s house.
“People think they want to use Jacob
to get info, he knows nothing about me.
They ask him to tell people I am owing
him four months salaries. Have you guys
forgotten so soon how I showed you
guys here when I’m paying him.
“No some people said they will give
him 2million, they used Jacob against me.
I’m too classy for that; anyone of you here
are free to help. At least, I did the little I
can and God will reward me.”

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