The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as it regards the safety of life and property of the Nigerian people, is clear. And this falls under the purview of the Commander-in-Chief, in our case, President Muhammadu Buhari. What this invariably means therefore, is that when the life of any Nigerian irrespective of status, economically or otherwise is taken, the highest authority of the land is expected to be heard from. It’s been several days since the Zaria incidence. It’s been several days since the killing of pro-Biafra groups agitating for self-determination. It’s been several days also since the abduction of teenagers in Bam village in Borno State by members of the Islamic Sect known as Boko Haram etc, in all of these, the President has not made one comment.
When the Paris incidence happened, it took Buhari less than 24 hours to not just comment on it, but rendered a full fledged sympathy message to President Francois Hollande and declared Nigeria’s open support to the people of France in their struggle to move on. Does this mean that Nigerians are worth less than the white man or woman? As a Nigerian and one who voted for Buhari, I am not only angry at this development, but also very disappointed. I thought in all honesty, that we have moved passed this precarious sentiments given that this administration came on the platform of change (obviously we have not and in fact it’s getting worse).
We have only been opportune to assess Buhari based on his body language and right now, his body language clearly states that our lives don’t really matter as much as those in France or anywhere else outside Africa. I am puzzled that with all the speculations, the building perspectives, the call for action and investigation, he has kept silent on the matter, just as he has done on many occasions. I am hammering on this because I am a Nigerian and it could have been me or anyone else out there. Must we all be caught up between the high hell and the deep blue sea before my C-in-C can at least say something about it? Many Nigerians in Diaspora have been complaining of the way they are been handled and killed, they have been calling on this government since it came on board but no word from the Presidency let alone the President. Don’t we matter too, Mr President?
Personally speaking and I say this with every sense of respect; this is not about the Shi’ite because I have clearly stated my opinion on the issue. It’s also not about the people of Kaduna State. It’s about Nigerians and the message the President sends out there to people of other countries. If our lives are not important to our own President, how then will it be important to the President and people of other countries? Doesn’t charity begin at home anymore?
Mr President Sir, you cannot lead a nation in SILENCE. Too many people are speaking for you and they are second guessing you. Speak directly to the people who believed in you so much so that they voted for you. Your silence on critical issues that require you addressing the nation sends the wrong message. In an unjust society Mr President, silence is a crime.
God bless Nigeria.

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Okoroafor, a Good Governance Advocate and a Civil Rights Activist wrote in from Abuja

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