A 36-year-old businessman, Mr. OlajideOlanrewaju, has begged Igando Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his marriage with his 29 year old wife, Ifeyinwa, accusing her of being demonic and possessed by an unknown spirit.
He told the court that he is convinced that his wife for two years is possessed because her recent behaviour did not dispute the accusation.
“My wife is demonic, she behaves strange sometime and I wonder what is controlling her” he said.
The petitioner also described his wife as a stubborn woman who neither values nor obey orders and that she always wanted to be in control. According to him, they have done nothing but fight all the time since they married.
“Fighting started when my wife puts her name first, on our wedding card, I wanted to cancel the wedding, but our family members intervened,’’ he said.
He also alleged that his wife often returned home from work late and when he as ask her to resign, she refused.
The petitioner further alleged that his wife moved their son out of his house to an unknown destination without his consent.
He, therefore, begged the court to dissolve the union because he was no longer interested in the union.
Meanwhile, the respondent, Ifeyinwa, 29, told the court that Olarenwaju was ill-tempered and always beat her up at the slightest misunderstanding.
“My husband turned me into a punching bag, he beats me at will,’’ Ifeyinwa told the court.
The respondent also accused her husband of banning her from speaking her Igbo dialect in their home and that she should go and learn Yoruba language.
“My husband knows that I am an Ibo lady, and that I do not understand Yoruba before he married me. But he is now fighting me that I should not speak my dialect in his house.
“He is just troublesome, that was how he fought me over a trivial issue as little as a wedding card carrying my name first.
She said that her husband asked her to resign from her job when he was aware of the fact that his job is not stable and that even when she returned from work between 5pm and 6pm, he would still complain that she came home late.
According to her, it is her husband’s frequent beatings and stringent laws that made her to relocate to another place with their son.
The mother of one pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage because she still loved her husband.
The President of the court, Mr. A. Hakeem, after hearing the arguments adjourned the case to May 18 for further hearing.NAN

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