Myanmar has claimed on Sunday sufficiency of rice supply until the end of 2015, in spite of recent flood which slowed down rice production.

The Ministry of Commerce said that over 500,000 tons of rice was still in stock for October, November and December, even though flood had affected more than 1.4 million acres (567,000 hectares) of paddy field.

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In a statement, the Ministry also said that Flood had also destroyed more than 800,000 acres.

However, Ayeyawaddy region, the country’s prime source of rice, was not affected by the flooding as severely as other regions, thanks to the quick recession of flood, it added.

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Myanmar’s harvest season for rice planted in rain-fed field will start in October.

Deadly flood, triggered by heavy rainfall since June, has affected 12 regions and states out of 14 in Myanmar, destroying houses, farmland, railway lines, bridges and roads.

The Myanmar government declared on July 31 four disaster zones, namely: Rakhine, Chin, Sagaing and Magway, among which Rakhine state was the worst hit.

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Nationwide death toll of the severe flooding rose to more than 121 so far, while more than 1.6 million people across the country have been affected. (Xinhua/NAN)