gov-yeroA L L P R O G R E S S I V E S
Congress, APC caucus of
the Kaduna State House
of Assembly yesterday
threatened to impeach
the state’s Governor,
Mukhtar Ramalan Yero,
over what it described as
last minute looting and
squandering by the state
government through
the disbursement
of N2.744 billion
Subsidy Reinvestment
and Empowerment
Programme, SURE-P
2014 funds.
The APC caucus, which
convened an emergency
meeting at the state house
of assembly yesterday,
threatened to establish a
process to impeach the
The caucus, which
is made up of 14 APC
members and led by the
Deputy Minority Leader,
Aminu Abdullahi
Shagali, accused the
governor of last minute
looting and squandering
of public funds.
According to them, the
out going government is in
a rush to appropriate and
disburse the SURE-P funds
of the 23 local governments
that was unused.
A copy of the text made
available to newsmen
reads thus, “A request
submitted this week by
the executive arm to
the honourable house
to Appropriate the 2014
SURE-P funds of the 23
local government to the
tune of 2.744 billion is not
only improper but gross
financial recklessness.
“There is no how
a local government
council can judiciously
execute any meaningful
project within 2 weeks
considering the fact that
diligent due process and
financial regulations
have to be followed.
“Similarly the ceding
of the 50 per cent of
the said fund to state
government to be used
for road project is in
total violation of the
laid down regulations
regarding the SURE-P
funds and the fact that
such fund had been
indicated in the handing
over note of the outgoing
government suggest an
attempt of last minute
Meanwhile, a member
representing Igabi West,
Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani
said it is criminal for
someone who is about
to hand over to engage
in such move hence the
threat to impeach the

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