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N22 trillion debt: Buhari, APC have wrecked Nigeria, says PDP



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Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, yesterday attributed the debt profile of Nigeria which has risen to over N22 trillion to President Muhammadu Buhari’s poor understanding of current global economic dynamics and his cover up of humongous corruption in his Presidency.

PDP Spokesman, Kola Ologbondiya declared that the Buhari administration has completely wrecked the nation because he refused to heed wise counsel to engage competent hands to manage the economy.

According to the opposition party, had President Buhari heed wise counsel from the PDP to allow competent hands manage the nation’s economy and had he not continued to provide official cover for corruption in his Presidency, the nation would not have been in this current embarrassing economic situation.

“Since President Buhari assumed office and took control of our once robust economy, his administration has not been able to articulate any germane policy to sustain, let alone, grow the economy, but had instead, resorted to borrowing, while allowing his cronies and APC leaders to fritter away trillions of naira earned by the nation in the last three years.

“Why would the Buhari administration not accumulate debts when it has continued to cover up corrupt practices under its watch, including the alleged stealing of N9 trillion, through underhand oil contracts in the NNPC and Ministry of Petroleum Resources as well as the alleged illegal lifting of crude oil worth N1.1 trillion by 18 unregistered companies to service APC interests, among others.

“Moreover, the Buhari Presidency has refused to explain the whereabouts of trillions of naira unremitted oil revenue, resulting in the deadlock at the Federal Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC).”

The PDP maintained that ff these monies were properly accounted for and utilized, Nigeria will not be in this dire economic situation which has brought hunger and starvation on Nigerians and rendered millions of compatriots jobless, while President Buhari and his officials live in affluence.

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