NAFDAC DG, Dr. Paul Orhii, has refuted allegations levelled against the agency by ex- director of finance and accounts, AdemolaMogbojuri, saying that he was removed because of incompetence, corruption and mischievous tendencies while in that department.
Orhii at a press briefing in Abuja yesterday at a press cleared the air on allegations contract scam and financial misappropriation levelled against him in some newspapers and social media.
He explained that the ex-director was reassigned accused by staff and contractors of demanding bribe from them.
He said, “I would rather leave this agency than allow such impunity to continue.”
Mogbojuri in an online publication had accused Orhii of financial recklessness, and claimed that he had evidence of inappropriate financial transactions involving the DG.
Dismissing the claims, Orhii said all contracts by the agency were awarded by through ministerial tenders board, “some of the companies and contractors have being doing business with NAFDAC before I joined the agency, so all allegations that I award contracts unduly is false.”
The DG said that the agency is run from internally generated revenues in order to keep it as one of the top 20 medicine regulatory agencies in the world,” and added that it was indebted to the tune of N5 billion.
The removal of the ex- finance director, he said was not to cover up but to ensure that the agency functions properly unhindered.
“As the Chief Executive, staff run to you that they are being owed and you find out that those who were paid had to bribe to get their pay, would you just sit down and watch? And when some contractors are not paid, do you want me to sit down here without doing anything?
Speaking on the issue of the agency’s indebtedness to the tune of N5 billion, he said that he would rather collect loan from banks to execute projects than to allow equipments in the laboratories to break down, ‘’when I know where the money is coming from. So that is why I can continue to generate money to run the agency.’’
Clarifying on the agency’s indebtedness, he said the agency was prudently managed because compared to its counterpart agencies like the US counterpart; NAFDAC’s N5billion debt was minimal.
On the allegation of not remitting money to the Federation Account for the past one and a half years, he said, ‘’ it is the responsibility of the director of finance to remit and he has not being doing so. He was supposed to be on top of the issue, dividing the monies as it comes into statutory payments that needed to be paid,” he said.

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