Crisis is brewing in the National Assembly as a group of senior directors kick over what they regard as unlawful promotion and designation of junior officers to act in capacities that they are not qualified to serve.
Senior management officers, mostly on grade levels 16-17 alleged that the outgoing Clerk to the National Assembly, AlhajiAbubakarSalisuMaikasuwa has breaching Section 14of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria andother extant laws in the manner of appointment, promotion of directors and deployment of staff to very sensitive units and departments in the National Assembly.
They are also querying a situation where a non-lawyer is appointed to man the Bills offices which are the exclusive preserve of only qualified lawyers in the NASS.
They also faulted the practice where junior officers are deployed to man the front tables in both the senate and the House of Representatives Chambers which ordinarily should be occupied by senior directors.
The directors explained that Section 6 of the Public Service Rules which laid down the guidelines for appointments, promotion and discipline states that “where it is necessary that particular duty posts should continue to be filled at a time when no officers of corresponding substantive ranks are available for posting thereto, some other officer may with the approval of Federal Civil Service Commission, be formally appointed, by notice in the Federal Government gazette to act in the duty post and assume either fully or in part, the duties and responsibilities thereof.”
According to the angry directors, who opted to remain anonymous, rather than comply with the laid down procedures, the Clerk has decided to use other criteria best known to him in appointments and deployment of management staff of the National Assembly without strict adherence to seniority as obtained in the public service of the Federation.
They also cited the guidelines on appointment, promotions and disciplines for National Assembly Service Commission that came into effect in 2002 to buttress their case against the Clerk.
“In Section 1.7 of the guidelines which deals with the issue of acting appointments, it provides that ‘Acting appointments, shall only be made when in the opinion of the commission it is necessary that a particular post should continue to be filled at a time when there is no officer of corresponding substantive rank for posting thereto.’ ”
The directors allege that contrary to these provisions, “Alhaji Maikasuwa in connivance with other top management staff of NASS has been appointing junior officers to act in positions even where qualified senior directors are available for such appointment.”
This practice, according to them “has created distrust among the directors cadre of NASS and the junior officers who no longer feel any sense of duty or respect for their senior officers on account of their closeness to the Clerk of the National Assembly and the Clerks of the two Houses.
Worried by the ugly development, the directors are now calling on the concerned authorities for a total overhaul of the entire management cadre of the National Assembly in order to reposition it in line with the anti-corruption war and the crusade against impunity by the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.
They are also calling for a drastic action “to reverse the illegalities, abuse of position and impunity which the outgoing clerk of the Assembly has institutionalized, in order to avert a major crisis thatmay erupt after he lives the service.”
Similarly, the directors have urged the Senate and House committees on Establishment and Public Service to scrutinize the process of appointments and deployments of senior officers to duty posts in line with the National Assembly Service Commission Act so as to sanitize the system.

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  • Ahmed Isah

    That was the mess left over by the under performance of jonathan’s administration, is unfortunate.