As the eighth National
Assembly settles for the
business of lawmaking,
leading opposition
party, the Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP
said they are ready to
give the All Progressive
congress, APC a robust
and credible opposition
and will only support
agenda that are people
Senator Obinna Ogba,
who disclosed this to
Nigerian Pilot Sunday
said that what happened
during the election of
leadership of the upper
and lower Houses of
the National Assembly,
where PDP played a
significant role is a clear
indication that the task
of lawmaking will no
longer be business as
“We hold our heads
high as an opposition
party and we got what
we wanted during the
election of principal
officers and this
shows that we need an
independence Senate
and House of Reps.
“We do not want
dictatorship and that
was why PDP acted the
way it did. Some people
who are crying today
spearheaded what
happened in 2011 and
what played out now
shows that democracy is
Ogba, who represent
Ebonyi Central
Senatorial Constituency,
said the PDP in the will
only support President
Muhammadu Buhari’s
agenda if it is for the
interest of the people.
“The Senate will only
support the President
if his agenda is for the
interest of the people.
We are for the interest
of the country. We are
going to give the ruling
party a run for their
“We did not bargain
for opposition, but now
that we have gotten it,
we will face it head long.
Gone are the days when
you have one party
dominate the House.
“Today, PDP is a
major force that cannot
be neglected or waved
aside. APC do not
constitute two third
majority in the Senate
and in key decision
there must be two third
majority and that gives
the PDP advantage.
If the agenda is
progressive and in the
interest of the people,
PDP will support, but
if not things will not go
APC way.’’