Senator David Umaru
representing Niger East
senatorial district has declared
that both the upper chamber
of the National Assembly and
President Muhammad Buhari
were working in tandem to stop
corruption in the country.
Umaru said both the
legislative and executive arms of
government were also seriously
working together to end
recession in the country.
He made the remarks in Minna
while reacting to a demand by
some All Progressives Congress,
APC, youths who stormed his
campaign office demanding
the resignation of the three
senators from the state and the
nine members of the House of
The youths hinged their
demand on the claim that the
federal legislators from the state
were not on the same page with
President Buhari in the anti
corruption fight.
According to Senator Umaru,
four of the bills sent to the
National Assembly by the
executive to strengthen the war
against corruption have passed
the preliminary stages and
would be submitted to public
hearing soon.
In addition, Umaru, who
is the chairman of Senate
Committee on Judiciary and
Human Rights, said the Senate
had joined the executive in the
investigation of the affairs of the
Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC.
“There is excellent relationship
between the National Assembly
and the executive. The Senate
president is not working against
President Muhammadu Buhari
as is being claimed by some
“If we are enemies, the
National Assembly would have
started impeachment process
while Buhari was sick and
hospitalised abroad. There are no
issues; we are together; the feud
is a figment of the imagination
of some people. There are things
that we have handled to save the
executive arm of government,”
Umoru said.
He, however, said that “it is
our responsibility to strengthen
these institutions so that they
will serve the Nigerian public
the way it is supposed to be,
these institutions are the creation
of the constitution and they will
outlive us.”
Saying that the protesters
could have been sponsored,
Umaru declared that “nobody
will tell me he knows Buhari
more than I do; nobody can
tell me he loves Buhari more
than I do. I worked more than
anybody to bring Buhari to
power in this state; how can
I be the one working for his
“We all contributed to ensure
Buhari wins; so how can I now
work against him,” he asked.
However, the protesters
have threatened to take
their demonstrations to the
remaining two senatorial zones.

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