at the National Assembly leaves
sour taste in the mouth. The
fact that men, who are naturally
decisive in settling issues and
producing definite results now
appear to be confused about
the matter of Senate presidency
and Speakership of the House
of Representatives, paving way
for unnecessary talks, some,
malicious. At this juncture, it
would not be a bad idea for
women to take advantage of the
situation like Senator-elect Binta
Garba Masi has done already.
After all leadership of the Senate
and House of Representatives is
not exclusive preserve of men or
is it? In Nigeria yes! But not in
other climes and for Nigeria, this
is about to change going by the
unfolding events in the National
Nigerian women have not
forgotten how Nigeria’s first
female Speaker of the House of
Representatives, Patricia Etteh,
tagged an ‘illiterate hair dresser,’
was removed from office
following her performance in
the House. Well, she went back
to school and all that has been put behind her.
However, the politicking in the
National Assembly is a chance for
women to make another move at
becoming leaders of the power
Reports have shown where the
positions may shift in the case of
the North central geo-political
zone for the Senate leadership
while more talks are also on in
the House of Reps for the seat
of Speaker. It shows “Senators
Bukola Saraki (Kwara State),
George Akume (Benue State) and
Abdullahi Adamu (Nasarawa
State)”, are gunning for Mark’s
position, and the contest may
be between Saraki and Akume,
though the former is said to be
a preferred candidate of the incoming
As stated earlier, discussions
are still on, on the power sharing;
so, this is not the time for women
to warm their seats or sit and
gossip; it is time to strategise in
their respective zones as the men.
Political watchers are afraid
that the delay is a bad beginning
for the in-coming administration
and have said as much.
“Something must be done fast
to avert an impending leadership
tussle within the APC over who
becomes who at the Senate.”
“Any further delay could cause
confusion and mess up the entire
system. Such situation will give
the PDP a lee way of using their
experience in the game to muster
support even from the APC to
take over the leadership of the
senate,” warned Kwankwaso
Though Kwankwaso is not
looking at the possibility of
women taking the leadership,
it is cheering news that senatorelect,
Binta Masi Garba has last
week, declared her aspirations
for the senate presidency. Her
dream may come true if the party
eventually zones the office to the
North East, it will then mean that
she has to fight it out with Ahmad
Lawan and Ali Ndume.
She will be breaking the jinx
if this happens as it’s on record
that “no female senator has ever
presided over the Senate, either
as the president or the deputy. In
the House of Reps, Hon Patricia
Etteh’s reign as speaker was
At this crucial point, women are
being urged in different quarters
to help Binta actualise her dream,
a sort of window that could
guarantee better opportunities
for women, children and disabled
persons as well as the youths.
They say women should begin
to look at the confusion in the
NASS as a blessing in disguise
and pray for Sen. Binta Garba
Masi to become Speaker so she
can serve as another role model
for young girls in Nigeria. Many
women in Nigeria going by their
records have impacted positively
in raising the bar. Binta will
then become quite powerful in
empowering women, and doing
more than she has ever done for
them. Women in turn will give
her a pride of place in their hearts
when good decisions are made
on their behalf to the extent that
they can fend for their families,
have good food to eat, go to the
best hospitals and schools and
compete favourably with other
women across the world. Many
notable women have done these
for women in their countries.
But Binta, they observed would
also need the assistance of other
women in the National Assembly.
“We are aware that women don’t
like themselves and often times
accused of pulling down their
“This should not be the case
here, if Binta herself took the bull
by the horns, women should help
her bring the bull down to its

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