A former federal lawmaker, Senator Nkechi Nwaogu has tasked the National Assembly to ensure that every bottle- neck created by the middlemen in allowing Nigerians from having direct access to kerosene is removed.
Nwaogu who gave the charge during an exclusive interview with Nigerian Pilot in Abuja, noted that the eight major companies who were in charge of refined dual purpose kerosene, DPK do not have outlets at the rural areas in the country.
The senator, who was the Chairman Senate Committee on Gas Resources in the 7th Senate, said these companies do not have outlets at the rural area, which makes it difficult for the people at the rural areas to access the product at a subsides price of N49.
According to her, “the law that was established in 1968, only allows the majors to buy the product at this amount and sell it to the Middlemen at N59 while they sale at N150 to the rural dwellers.
“The 8th National Assembly must ensure that they remove the middlemen by passing bill on the Amendment on Petroleum Acts so as to remove the corruption in the system towards ensuring that the commoners get the decedent of democracy.
She advised that the bill should be splitting it into two sections, noting that it was too voluminous and complex.
Nwaogu stressed the need for the removal subsidy on refined petroleum products especially GBK and MPS as it does not reached the intended group,” it must be removed completely without looking at whose horse is gore”.
The senator also lamented that Gas sector of the petroleum industry bill has only added misery due to the increased tax on tax exploration from 30 per cent to 80 per cent for a sector that has no investment due to the tax level that is the same as that of fuel.
She also urged the senate to compel the Nigerian auto-mobile council to account for the two per cent duties deducted from all cars imported into the country.

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