ELEVATED blood pressure is when
the pressure on the arteries and
blood vessels becomes too high and
the arterial wall becomes distorted
causing extra stress on the heart.
Long term high blood pressure
increases the risk of stroke, heart
Causes of high blood pressure
includes, high salt diet, emotional
stress, alcohol, Caffeine, Smoking,
Obesity, Inactivity, birth control
Pills and heavy metal poisoning.
Blood pressure range includes:
Normal: less than 120/80
Prehypertension: 120-139/80-89
Stage 1. High blood pressure:
Stage 2. High blood pressure: 160
and above/100 and above
Frequently, there are no
symptoms as blood pressure
increases but warning signs for
very high blood pressure can
include: chest pains, confusion,
headaches, ear noise or buzzing,
irregular heartbeat, nosebleeds,
tiredness or vision changes.
Top foods for blood pressure
High fiber food-unprocessed
foods high in fiber such as
vegetable, fruits, and seeds should
be the basis of any healthy diet.
Low sodium foods-excess salt
consumption raises blood pressure,
limit your consumption to no more
than 1500-2000mg daily.
High potassium foods-potassium
counteracts the effects of sodium
and help lower blood pressure
includes foods like melon, avocados
and banana.
Omega-3 rich foods- consume
omega-3 rich foods like grass fed beef,
wild caught salmon, chia and flax
seeds to reduce inflammation.
Dark chocolate- look for a dark
chocolate that contains at least 200mg
of cocoa phenols which can reduce
blood pressure.
Blood pressure foods to avoid:
High sodium foods-sodium raises
blood pressure, avoid high sodium
processed foods, pickles, olives, or
canned foods.
Trans fats and Omega-6 fats- these
increases inflammation and blood
pressure and are found in packaged
foods and conventional meats.
Sugar- high sugar consumption is
connected to high blood pressure.
Caffeine- too much caffeine can
cause an increase in blood pressure.
Alcohol- narrow arteries and can
increase blood pressure
Top 5 blood pressure natural
Fish oil (1,000-2,00mg daily) fish oil
reduces blood and inflammation
when take long term.
Magnesium (500mg before bed)
magnesium helps with relaxation
of smooth muscle and reduce blood
coQ10 (100-300mg daily)
becomes depleted as we age which
may be related to why blood
pressure also increases as wage.
Potassium- it is best not to take
a potassium supplement in high
doses unless otherwise directed by
a doctor.
Garlic (600mg age extract) can
help lower blood pressure and
relax smooth muscles.
Sources: JH Hang: journal of
Korean Academic Nursing (2006,
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and Sun Seek Min: The Journal of
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