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Natural ways of dealing with back pain



Natural ways of dealing with back pain

BACK pain can be very frustrating as it causes discomfort and serious aches. It is a very common problem with majority of young and older adults suffering from it at one point of their lives. With the rising rate of back pains it is important to know few steps to ease it naturally without medications.

1.​Exercise: This step might seem hard but it’s one of the most effective steps in treating back pain. The first step is to start with little exercise to release your muscles. Easy exercises like walking, body movements and slight bending can be a good step before the strenuous ones. The more flexible your muscles, the less pains that can be felt.

2.​Good sleep: Back pain problems are often associated with those who have limited sleep. Having a good night rest can help reduce back pain. It’s also important to have a good mattress as it helps in getting good sleep. advices that; “Adding an extra pillow under your body can help maintain the natural curve in your spine. If you’re a back sleeper, try putting the pillow under both knees; for stomach sleepers, try under your pelvis. If you sleep on your side, sleeping with a pillow between the knees may help.”

3.​Avoid heavy weights: Carrying heavy loads at your back can lead to back pain as all the pressure of the load is on that spot. It’s advised that frequent carrying of heavy things should be avoided although in this part of the country it’s almost not possible.

4.​Massage: Having a massage is not really what we do in this part of the country but it’s very essential. A massage can be done with cold or hot packs by pressing it against the back or by asking someone to rub that area gently. It necessarily doesn’t have to be in a fancy spar, contrary to popular beliefs.

5.​ Eat healthy: This is usually mentioned in every health article because it’s needed. Conscious steps should be taken regarding the type of food you take. Health researcher’s advice that food containing vitamin K should be taken as it makes calcium deposits in the bones denser. Foods rich in vitamin D are also encourage as it promotes stronger bones.

6.​Having a good posture: Having a good posture can help in dealing with back pains. This is because good postures help Keep bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly. According to the best posture is “sit with your back against your chair, get a lumbar pillow if you chair doesn’t allow this, and both feet flat on the floor.”

7.​Wear comfortable shoes: those with back pains are advised to wear comfortable shoes as it reduces the strain on you back while standing. According to “shoes with less than a 1-inch heel are the best bet for your back.”

8.​Stop or reduce smoking: it’s a common saying that smoking is a serious health risk. But a major health disadvantage is that smokers are also more likely to experience back pain than non-smokers. One reason for this is that nicotine restricts blood flow to the disks in the spine. This can cause them to dry out, crack, or rupture. Smoking also reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, which causes a reduction in nourishment to the muscles and tendons in the back. An unhealthy, weak back is more vulnerable to accidental strains and pulls that cause back pain.

9.​Always be active: Mingling is one habit that most people don’t have interest in but little is known about its health benefits. Whether you’re at an office party or a bar for happy hour, avoid sitting in an awkward position or standing in one place. Move around the room to avoid putting pressure on your spine, which can happen if you stand in one place for too long.

10.​Stretch: Inactivity is always advised against whether you are lying down, standing or sitting it’s advised not to remain in same position for too long as it has negative effects on your back. Relieve the strain of the day whenever you can by getting up, walking around, and doing some simple stretches. This will help improve circulation to your back. It can also ease any strains or aches that occur due to inactivity.

Other remedies to back pain can be pain killers but it’s strongly advised you consult a doctor before purchasing and engaging in the intake of these pills.

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