NAWOJ means - National Association of Women Journalists

The National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Bayelsa Chapter, on Friday began a campaign against examination malpractice, with an appeal to education stakeholders to join forces to eradicate it.

Nigerian pilot  reports that NAWOJ started the campaign at the Community Secondary School, Famgbe in Yenagoa Local Government Area.

Journalists, teachers and students, who spoke at the event, condemned examination malpractice, saying that it impacted negatively on the society.

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The stakeholders said that examination malpractice was threatening the nation’s education development and must be tackled properly.

Mrs Maria Osumah, Chairperson of NAWOJ in Bayelsa, identified students’ unwillingness to study and negative peer influence as some of the factors that contribute to examination malpractice.

Osumah called on students to be hardworking and upright and be determined to earn and not `steal’ scores.

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She condemned the attitude of parents and teachers who aided or condoned examination malpractice, appealing to them to change.

“Cheating does not pay anyone,’’ she said.

According to her, parents should supervise their children’s homework and monitor their relationships to keep them away from examination malpractice and other vices.

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The Principal of the school, Mrs Tanize Thomas, said that intervention by a group such as NAWOJ was necessary to save the future of education.

Some students, who participated at the event, pledged to shun examination malpractice in the interest of their future and that of Nigeria. (NAN)